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Meet Kelsey Korey


Major: Health and Exercise Science

Minor: Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

Hometown: Delray Beach, Fla.

Kelsey enjoys researching and writing about healthy food and exercise. She wrote a health column for Wake Forest’s student newspaper, Old Gold and Black. One of Kelsey’s favorite extracurricular activities was introducing prospective students and families to Wake Forest as a campus tour guide. “I liked giving tours once a week, because there were times I took things for granted. Telling others about the University put everything back into perspective. I realized how blessed I was to be here and just how much Wake Forest has to offer.” This fall, Kelsey is heading to the University of North Florida in Jacksonville to study nutrition and dietetics.

How are you different today than four years ago?

I’ve become more confident and independent. I’m no longer afraid to be challenged or to search for an answer on my own. I’m no longer terrified to voice my opinion. I’ve grown to enjoy asking questions instead of stifling my curiosity.

Kelsey in 2008

Did you know you wanted to study health and exercise science?

My first year, I wanted to major in math because it was my favorite subject all through high school. The summer after my sophomore year I shadowed a registered dietitian at a gym near my house. I was able to sit in on client sessions and learn how to prepare a basic meal plan for people interested in living a healthier lifestyle. I learned so much about food and exercise, but was also able to apply this knowledge to specific individuals. I loved working alongside personal trainers and learning how to perform metabolic rate tests. After that experience, I decided to major in health and exercise science.

Was there a class in your major you were nervous about taking?

Anatomy. I heard horror stories about students failing or passing out at the sight of the human cadavers. The amount of information covered is overwhelming. I have never studied as long or as hard for a class, but I won’t soon forget the mnemonic devices for the cranial nerves or the tiny bones in your hand. The human body is an incredible piece of machinery.

Favorite memory?

Long Pit-sits when no one wanted to leave to do homework.  My friends and I would find ourselves in the Pit on multiple occasions savoring our frozen yogurt for hours — definitely one of my favorite Friday night memories.

What will you miss most?

My friends and the community we’ve built over the past four years. I’ll also miss the incredible faculty in the health and exercise science department who have all contributed to my unforgettable college experience. Thank you for making Wake Forest feel like home.

Your best advice new students?

Expect the unexpected and be open-minded. Whether it’s watching the sun rise from the atrium in the library or watching the sun set from the top of Hanging Rock. Try to take it all in and stop time if possible.