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Meet Lee Larson

Lee Larson

After growing up in New England, I wanted to experience a different part of the country for college, says Lee Larson. “The culture, the climate, and the history of the area led me to consider several schools in the South, but Wake Forest specifically offers a great liberal arts curriculum and a strong sense of community, both of which are very important for me.”

You are interested in foreign policy. What area of the world would you like to learn more about?
I’ve always been interested in how nations interact with one another. The process of communication can be so difficult and convoluted.  I enjoy reading books (fiction or nonfiction) about the Cold War. The intrigue and glamour of post-World War II Berlin and the ideological proxy wars fought around the world capture my imagination. I think that many foreign policy challenges in the future will involve our relations with countries in the Middle East and Asia.

As an actor what do you enjoy about theatre?
What I enjoy about acting is the freedom it gives me to become someone else. In practical terms, theatre has taught me a lot about time management. Rehearsals take a long time, but they are very rewarding and worth the effort. I definitely plan on acting in college! I most admire musical actors like Colm Wilkinson and Michael Crawford for their versatility and ability to both sing and act well.

Tell us about fish camp.
Fish Camp is a summer camp with a focus on marine education. I spent several summers there as a camper and have been a staff member for the past two years. I learned much about working with children and how rewarding it is to teach kids about ocean conservation – a subject I’m interested in as well.

Lee Larson

You enjoy debating. What do you like best?
Through debate, I’ve learned a ton about modern policy challenges as well as the power of evidence and opinion.  I enjoy the combative side of debate, but the ability to recognize and consider other perspectives is far more important to me.

What clubs or organizations do you think you might join?
I definitely want to be involved in theatre, and hopefully sing in an a cappella group. I’m also interested in volunteering at schools in the local community.

Where do you see yourself in four years?
I hope that in four years I will understand more about the way the world works and have a clearer idea of what I want to do to change it.