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Meet Devin Williams

Devin Williams

“Wake Forest University combines the best of both worlds when it comes to the college experience in my opinion – small, comfortable class sizes and big, exciting ACC sporting events,” says Devin Williams. “These aspects woven together with close-knit relationships between students and faculty, as well as the beauty of the campus itself, made Wake the perfect fit for me.”

What film has been influential in your life and why?
“The Help.” Not only does it do an extraordinary job of portraying 1960s racial tension in the home, but it also does a phenomenal job of reminding us how crucial and important it is to write the truth and stand up for what we believe in. As a girl with a passion for writing, this film inspires me to write what I know, because it may just have the power to change lives.

If you could make a documentary film today, what story would you tell?
I would tell the story of teens growing up alongside a family member with Alzheimer’s disease. This has been my life ever since my grandfather began slipping away. I would carefully film the home life of kids and their grandparents and highlight the importance of interaction between the two age levels when it comes to one’s memory and time well-spent with loved ones.

You are interested in journalism. Why?
The thought of bringing a smile, a laugh, or even a tear to the world around me through news warms my heart, because I’ll know my story, or the one I was telling, will have meant something, or sparked something new their own heart. For example, the broadcast journalism on NBC’s “Today Show” does a terrific job of sharing with the world and never forgetting to bring a bit of joy to their news.

Devin Williams

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and what three questions would you ask them?
Lorne Michaels, creator and producer of NBC’s comedy sketch show, “Saturday Night Live.” My questions: What is it about a late night laugh at midnight that makes SNL so popular? How do you find the balance between what political jokes can and cannot be told? What is the secret to good comedic television?

What classes are you most excited to take?
I am thrilled to be diving into Spanish for the first time after having studied Latin all through high school. My first year seminar entitled, “Religion and Television – Exploring the Sacred Behind the Small Screen,” is also leaving me with butterflies of excitement. I adore television and the media and look forward to learning more in the seminar.

What hobbies or interests might you pursue at Wake Forest?
Wake TV intrigues me the most, as well as the student newspaper, The Old Gold and Black. I’m eager to dive into a whole new world of writing and producing behind the scenes of Wake Forest’s student media outlets. I also cannot wait to jump into club swimming, student council, and intervarsity activities. So much to choose from!

Imagine graduation day. What will you be thinking?
“It’s over? Did my college experience just fly by even faster than my high school experience?” That will be my first thought as I put on a second cap and gown. My mind will then race back four years flashing past all I get to take with me from my time at Wake Forest. I’m hoping it will be a new and valuable understanding of the multimedia industry, as well as lifelong friendships with my fellow Demon Deacons and incredible professors, and amazing semester abroad trip memories to tell my future children about for years to come.