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Meet Jillian Correia

Jillian Correia

“A small liberal arts college with the research opportunities of a large university, a renowned business school, a stellar art department, strong school spirit, high caliber of education and a charming Southern atmosphere were differentiators that Jillian Correia was looking for in a university. Wake Forest offered her that and more importantly the commitment to Pro Humanitate. “I have devoted much of my time and interest in service for others, and being an institution rooted in service means that Wake Forest and I have a lot in common.”

What book has been influential in your life and why?
Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice” is a novel that never seems to lose its relevancy. The first time I read it, I was struck by how easily I identified with the characters and themes even though the story was written 200 years ago. I was captured by the diction and eloquent writing style of the novel, which has influenced my ability to appreciate and seek out well-written books and literary classics.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
The 19th-century American frontier. There is something compelling about the Wild West and our nation’s tale of migration, endurance, conquest and the establishment of the American people. The history of our nation’s great explorers, cowboys, pioneer women, and their interaction with the western Native Americans, intrigues me. To experience firsthand the merging of ideas and persons, during one of the most formative times for our country, would be a meaningful experience.

What is it that most excites you about the journey you’re about to begin?
College is an opportunity to explore not only your career goals, but anything and everything that interests you. It’s your chance to learn and do just about anything with incredible resources at your fingertips. Whether it’s joining the E-society, volunteering at the campus garden, or working in the START gallery or the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, I know there are many opportunities for me to get involved in the things I feel passionate about. I’m excited to try something new and different, and ultimately, diversify myself.

What is something your peers may not know about you?
After high school, I took a gap year and lived on an Indian Reservation in northern New Mexico. I’ve always been interested by the art, history and rich cultural presence the Pueblo people have in the Southwest, and I was able to volunteer, intern and immerse myself in their fascinating, yet unfortunately dwindling culture.

If you had one day that you could forget all responsibilities, what would you do?
I’d likely be throwing clay on the pottery wheel, creating recipes in the kitchen or taking exploratory drives to discover new places to wield my camera.

Imagine yourself in four years at graduation. What will you be thinking?
At graduation I’ll be thinking, “When again in my life will I be able to replicate these past four years?” College is a unique opportunity to study with talented academicians, live with a diverse group of peers and expand the edges of my comfort zone through study abroad, research and extracurricular activities. Nowhere else will opportunities to learn and foster personal growth be right at my fingertips. My experience at Wake Forest will be one I will cherish and wish to relive after graduation.