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Meet Justice von Maur

Justice von Maur

Justice von Maur, was raised in Nassau, Bahamas, by her best friends, her parents. An avid thespian, she says she is most looking forward to pursuing theatrical studies at Wake Forest. “I’m interested in studying theatre in combination with management or psychology. I definitely want to join the Anthony Aston Players student theatre organization.”

Tell us about your International Baccalaureate (IB) experience.
One of the biggest challenges I’ve taken on is producing and directing a play my junior year. It was also one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had. Trying to balance every domain of production with my social life and the IB program ultimately made me a stronger, more balanced person. It was through that experience that I realized my true passion for theatre.

What book has been influential in your life and why?
A year ago, I read “Awakenings” by Dr. Oliver Sacks, and it crosses my mind almost daily. The clinical yet poetic narrative about the peaks and downfalls of Sacks’ catatonic patients has been a great source of physical motivation for me. It has made me extremely grateful for a functioning body and has pushed me to take advantage of my physicality.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
I’ve always been fascinated with the sense of freedom in post-war Americans and the societal changes of the decade, so I would travel back to America in the 1920s. In this decade particularly, the arts had a great influence on the way that society functioned. Racial fusion overcame a milestone in the 1920s with the growing popularity of jazz and the birth of ragtime, which is also one of my favorite musical genres.

Why are you and Wake Forest a good match?
I believe in a liberal arts education. I have interests across the academic spectrum, and this is not only tolerated at Wake Forest, but it is encouraged!

What is it that most excites you about the journey you’re about to begin?
I love to travel, so the idea of living in a different country excites me. I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of the study abroad opportunities at Wake Forest because I want to go to London!

Imagine yourself in four years at graduation. What will you be thinking?
I’ll be trying to think of ways to contain my excitement! I’ll be both anxious and excited to use the skills that Wake Forest has given me and apply them in the next stage of my life.