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Integrative Medicine, Healing Methods Focus of Events

March 3, 1999  |   Community, Events, School of Medicine

Wake Forest University will host a Global Health Forum and a lecture on integrative medicine on Thursday, March 18, as part of health and aging month during the Year of Globalization and Diversity. The events are free and open to the public. The Global Health Forum will feature demonstrations of acupuncture, yoga and other healing […]

Study Explores Effects of Exercise, Diet on Arthritis

January 18, 1999  |   Research, School of Medicine

A Wake Forest University study is finding that exercise and diet may improve physical function and the quality of life for overweight senior citizens afflicted with osteoarthritis of the knee. The study, Arthritis Diet and Activity Promotion Trial (ADAPT), is a joint effort between the university’s health and exercise science department and the Wake Forest […]

New ‘Exercising Woman’ Stereotype Has Surprise Benefits

June 24, 1998  |   Research, School of Medicine

Even overweight women are considered more attractive if they exercise, report researchers at Wake Forest University, who have found evidence of an “exercising woman” stereotype that may blunt some of the negative effects of America’s obsession with body shape and size. In the study, presented June 11-14 at the annual meeting of the North American […]

Stories this week at Wake Forest

February 19, 1998  |   Events, Research, School of Law, School of Medicine

Facing Down Saddam The United States may face trouble if it continues to pursue a go-it-alone policy toward the use of military force against Iraq, says Charles Kimball, chair of Wake Forest’s religion department and an expert on the religion and politics of the Middle East. Kimball, who has made more than 35 visits to […]

WFU, Hospital Rename Medical Center in Realignment

October 3, 1997  |   School of Medicine, University Announcement

Wake Forest University and the North Carolina Baptist Hospitals, Inc., have renamed the Medical Center “Wake Forest University-Baptist Medical Center” as part of an extensive realignment plan approved today by the university’s Board of Trustees. The hospital’s Board of Trustees had already approved the plan. The two institutions that comprise the Medical Center will use […]

Clinical Sciences Building To Be Named For Janeway

May 15, 1997  |   Faculty, Media Advisory, School of Medicine, University Announcement

The signature building of the Bowman Gray/Baptist Hospital Medical Center in Winston-Salem will be named for Dr. Richard Janeway, who has led Wake Forest University’s Bowman Gray School of Medicine for almost three decades. Wake Forest University’s board of trustees has approved changing the name of the 11-story Clinical Sciences Building to The Janeway Clinical […]

Lack of Maternity Leave Tough on Medical Moms

April 24, 1997  |   Personal and Career Development, School of Medicine

The policies of many teaching hospitals are tough on doctor moms and their marriages, says an expert on medical marriages in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association. Dr. Wayne Sotile, the director of psychological services for Wake Forest University’s cardiac rehabilitation program and co-author of “The Medical Marriage: A Couple’s Guide” with his […]

Combat Mentality Helps Medical Marriages Survive

April 17, 1997  |   Research, School of Medicine

The marriages of resident physicians are at risk unless both doctors adopt a combat mentality to survive the grueling hours, extraordinary stress and time apart during medical training, writes a Wake Forest University expert on medical marriages in the current issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Dr. Wayne Sotile, director of psychological […]

Study explores effects of exercise on lung disease

June 13, 1996  |   Research, School of Medicine, Wake Forest College

Senior citizens with shortness of breath are walking and lifting weights at Wake Forest University as part of a research study on how exercise affects breathing problems. The study, Reconditioning Exercise And Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Trial (REACT), is a joint effort between the university’s health and exercise science department and Bowman Gray School of […]

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