Martha Allman

Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

Allman has become an expert on test-optional admissions, interviews in the admissions process and other admissions trends.

David Carroll

Director, Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials

Carroll and his research team aim to provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Andy Chan

Vice President, Innovation & Career Development

Chan inspires the innovation in higher ed career development that helps students develop the mindset needed for a lifetime of employability.

Mercy Eyadiel

Associate Vice President, Career Development & Corporate Engagement

Eyadiel’s mission is to help students discover their values and provide ways for them to translate their interests into a rewarding career.

Katy Harriger

Professor of Political Science

Harriger is an expert on political participation and voting among college-age people. She is also an expert on federal special prosecutors.

Angela Mazaris

LGBTQ Center Director

She provides education, advocacy and support to the LGBTQ community and puts into perspective gender identity and sexual orientation issues.

Linda Nielsen

Professor of Adolescent and Educational Psychology

Nielsen’s special interest is helping divorced and estranged dads and daughters reunite or strengthen their bonds.

Miles Silman

Director of the Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability and Professor of Biology

Silman has been a leader in the sustainability movement since beginning his doctoral research more than 20 years ago.

Joseph Soares

Professor of Sociology

Soares is a driving force behind the national movement to rethink college admissions and adopt test-optional admissions policies.

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