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Media report for July 27 - Aug. 9, 2019

August 15, 2019   |  WFU News and Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for July 27 – Aug. 9, 2019 is now available online.

'A gendered trap': When mothers allege child abuse by fathers, the mothers often lose custody, study shows

July 29, 2019   |  The Washington Post

A new study reported that in custody litigation, when mothers reported abuse, the mothers lost custody 28 percent of the time. But when fathers alleged abuse, the fathers lost custody only 12 percent of the time. “Even when the abuse is credited, women are losing,” Jane Aiken, dean of the School of Law at Wake Forest, said. “This is about not trusting women. I think it’s very powerful. Women are expected to behave as mothers. But then when they come in and say ‘I’m trying to protect my child,’ then they’re not believed, You’re just in a trap, and it’s a gendered trap.”

Admission deans share tips for college applications

July 30, 2019   |  Forbes

To avoid being overwhelmed by college applications or submitting shoddy work, plan ahead. “What we see repeated most often is a failure to take one’s time on the application,” said Arron Marlowe-Rogers, associate dean of undergraduate admissions at Wake Forest. “The Common Application and all of the supplements for individual colleges are in no way meant to be completed in one sitting.”

Mentoring: The secret to building resilience

July 29, 2019   |  Psychology Today

“Managers, mentors, colleagues, and even friends can use the strategies of effective mentoring as a tool to build resilience in others,” says Allison McWilliams, assistant vice president of mentoring and alumni personal and career development at Wake Forest. “Perhaps most importantly, recognize that facing adversity is a universal experience that comes in different forms, depending on the person. If you need someone, find someone. And if someone needs you, be that someone.”

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