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Want to win at sports? Take a cue from these mighty mice

July 20, 2017  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

As student athletes hit training fields this summer to gain the competitive edge, a new study shows how the experiences of a tiny mouse can put them on the path to winning. Scientists examined how surges of testosterone both before and after aggressive encounters led the male California mouse to win in future matches.


WFU researchers studying effects of watching videos of police violence on young black people

July 14, 2017  |   Faculty, Research, Staff, Top Stories

Viral video footage showing the deaths of black people following encounters with police have sparked outrage, protests and media attention across the country in recent years. Now researchers affiliated with the Anna Julia Cooper Center at Wake Forest University are seeking young black adults for a research study investigating the impact of watching these high-profile videos of police violence.


A big step? Trial will test improvisational dance as dementia therapy

July 13, 2017  |   Arts & Culture, Faculty, Research, Top Stories

Depending on what generation you belong to, the term “improvisational dance” may conjure up images of beatniks grooving to the beat of bongos in a darkened coffeehouse or the black-clad Dieter gyrating to techno pop in a Sprockets sketch on “Saturday Night Live”.


Synthetic horns may save rhinos if they are not like the real thing

July 5, 2017  |   Faculty, International, Research, Top Stories

Research suggests that the market structure of the synthetic horn sector and the type of synthetic horns produced matter greatly in rhino conservation efforts.


Pair female engineering students for projects, and they flourish

June 28, 2017  |   Faculty, Media Advisory, Research, Top Stories

Female first-year students earn a higher grade when paired with at least one other female for group projects in introductory college engineering classes, according to new research by a Wake Forest University professor.

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