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Matthew Fuxjager

Assistant Professor of Biology

Fuxjager’s research focuses on the interplay between sex steroids and social behavior and how evolution influences species variations.

Expert Areas: Zoology | Animal Social Behavior | Courtship Displays | Androgenic Hormones | Neuromuscular Systems

Samuel Gladding

Professor of Counseling

Gladding, an expert on family counseling, can address issues related to parenting, blended families, and family relationships.

Expert Areas: Family Counseling | Group Counseling | Arts in Counseling | International Counseling | Creative Arts in Counseling | Professional Orientation to Counseling | Creativity | Wellness

Amanda Griffith

Associate Professor of Economics

Griffith's research focuses on the economics of higher education.

Expert Areas: Economics of Education | Women and STEM Fields | Labor Economics | Applied Econometrics

Katy Harriger

Professor of Political Science

Harriger is an expert on political participation and voting among college-age people. She is also an expert on federal special prosecutors.

Expert Areas: American Constitutional Law | The Separation of Powers | Government Ethics | Independent Counsel & Special Prosecutors | The Supreme Court | Women and Politics

Donna Henderson

Professor of Counseling

Henderson is an expert on the everyday issues confronting children and their parents.

Expert Areas: Bullying | School Transitions | Middle School | Parent-Teacher Communications | School Counseling | Counseling Children | International Counseling

Dedee DeLongpré Johnston

Director of Sustainability

Johnston has nearly 20 years of expertise in education, sustainability and environmental issues.

Expert Areas: Sustainability in Higher Education | Sustainable Management | Green Business | Recycling | Carbon Footprint Reduction | Energy Conservation | Renewable Energy | Environmental Issues | Sustainable Agriculture | Ecosystem Management

Oana Jurchescu

Assistant Professor of Physics

Jurchescu’s expertise is in the structure and electronic properties of organic semiconductors.

Expert Areas: Flexible Plastics | Organic Electronics | Nanotechnology | Macroelectronics | Organic Semiconductors | Organic Devices | Physics of Organic Semiconductor Devices | Organic Spintronics | Functional Organic Materials | Structure-Property Correlations | Organic Thin-Film Transistors | Organic Field-Effect Transistors | Organic Single Crystals | Perovskite Electronics | Perovskite Thin-Film Transistors | Charge Transfer Complexes

Daniel Kim-Shapiro

Professor of Physics & Harbert Family Distinguished Chair for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship

Kim-Shapiro is an expert on nitric oxide, a signaling molecule that is important in maintaining adequate blood flow.

Expert Areas: Blood Flow Clotting | Nitric Oxide Dysfunction | Blood Storage Transfusions | Cardiovascular Health | Sickle Cell Disease | Hemoglobin | Complications from Blood Transfusions | Drinking Beet Juice

Marina Krcmar

Associate Professor of Communication

Krcmar is a leading expert on the effects of video games and television on children and adolescents.

Expert Areas: Video Game Violence | Effects of Video Game Violence on Children | Video Game Violence Legislation | Children and Television | Baby Einstein | Families Without Television | Video Games and Moral Reasoning | Media and Moral Reasoning

Bill Leonard

James and Marilyn Dunn Chair of Baptist Studies, School of Divinity

Leonard’s research focuses on Church History with particular attention to American religion, Baptist studies, and Appalachian religion.

Expert Areas: Church History | American Religion | Baptist Studies | Appalachian Religion

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