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Sarah Lischer

Associate Professor of Political Science

Lischer is an expert in humanitarian crises, military intervention, genocide and forced migration.

Expert Areas: Humanitarian Crises | Genocide Issues | Forced Migration | African Politics | Military Intervention in Humanitarian Crises | Civil Wars | Transitional Justice War Crimes Tribunals | Human Rights | Politics of Forced Migration | Civil Wars: Causes and Consequences | International Conflict Resolution | Politics of International Military Intervention | Humanity and Atrocity

John Llewellyn

Associate Professor of Communication

Llewellyn is a scholar of rhetoric, analyzing persuasive language from the most prominent politicians, coaches and civil rights leaders.

Expert Areas: Rhetoric | Organization Analysis | Public Speaking | Communications Management | Community Outreach

Allan Louden

Department Chair and Professor of Communication

Louden is an expert in political communication, presidential rhetoric and argumentation theory.

Expert Areas: Rhetoric | Debate | Political Consulting | Political Campaigns | Political Adverstising/Marketing

E.J. Masicampo

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Masicampo’s research focuses on willpower, goal setting, and the psychology behind resisting temptation.

Expert Areas: Self-Control | Willpower | Goal Setting | Plan Making | Consciousess | Social Psychology

Angela Mazaris

LGBTQ Center Director

She provides education, advocacy and support to the LGBTQ community and puts into perspective gender identity and sexual orientation issues.

Expert Areas: HB2 | LGBTQ Rights | Gay Marriage | Gay Rights | LGBTQ History | Queer Theory | Public History | Gender Studies | Transgender Issues | All Gender Restrooms | Bathroom Bill | Diversity and Inclusion | Lgbtq Issues

Sandeep Mazumder

Associate Professor for Economics

Mazumder is a specialist in macroeconomics.

Expert Areas: Inflation | Monetary Policy | Employment & Unemployment | Government Policy | Recession Economics | European Inflation | International Finance | Intermediate Macroeconomics | Applied Econometrics | Election and monetary policy

Todd McFall

Assistant Teaching Professor of Economics

McFall uses his interest in golf and basketball to explain how regulatory policies impact competitors’ strategies.

Expert Areas: Technological Change on Economic Decision-Making | Sports Economics | Economic Implications of Public Policy | Economic Litigation | Personnell Economics | Economics of Education | NCAA Tournament Organization

Gary Miller

Associate Professor of Health and Exercise Science

Miller’s research considers healthy behavioral lifestyle changes of nutrition and physical activity.

Expert Areas: Obesity | Childhood Obesity | Weight Loss | General Nutrition | Physical Activity | Bariatric Surgery | Exercise Effects | Dietary Intervention | The Role of Leptin in Obesity | Nutrition in Health and Disease | Lifestyles and Diseases | Advanced Exercise Physiology | Culture and Diet | Inflammation and Disease

Christian Miller

A. C. Reid Professor of Philosophy

Miller is an expert on the study of character and ethics.

Expert Areas: Ethics | Character | Honesty | Compassion | Virtue | God and Morality | Moral Reasoning | Moral Psychology | Moral Character | Objective and Subjective Morality | Philosophy of Religion

Ananda Mitra

Professor of Communication

Mitra’s expertise makes him the go-to person for the latest trends in social media.

Expert Areas: Technology and Communication | Technology and Society | Computers in Education and Training | Computer Use in Data Collection | Employment in U.S. and India | Cultural Sustainability | Communication Technology and Evaluation | Communication and Public Culture | Indian Culture and Communication Practices

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