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Timo Thonhauser

Associate Professor of Physics

Thonhauser sees much potential for using hydrogen to power vehicles.

Expert Areas: Condensed Matter Physics | Carbon Capture | Physics | Quantum Physics | Hydrogen Storage | Metal Organic Frameworks

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Robert Whaples

Professor of Economics

Whaples is a strong advocate of eliminating the penny.

Expert Areas: Economic History of the U.S. | Employment and Unemployment | History of Labor Markets | Minimum Wage | Walmart and Big Box Retailers | Economics of Climate Change | Economics of Natural Resources | Elimination of the Penny

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Sherri Williams

Postdoctoral fellow at the Anna Julia Cooper Center and Communication Department faculty

Sherri Williams focuses on diverse social media engagement and how it extends into the ways people use it as a social justice tool.

Expert Areas: Media Diversity | Social Activism | Social Media Engagement | Social Media as Social Justice | Gender Studies | Media Literacy

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Eric G. Wilson

Thomas H. Pritchard Professor of English

Wilson is a leading expert in the relationships between literature and psychology.

Expert Areas: American Culture and Mental Health | Literature and Psychology | Film and Religion | Western Esoteric Traditions | Humanism and Technology | Transatlantic Romanticism | The Gothic

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