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Media Report for Feb. 10-16, 2018

February 16, 2018   |  WFU News & Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for Dec. 10-16, 2018 is now available online.

Stress hormones drop when partners engage in these support techniques

February 12, 2018   |  Care 2

Research shows that romantic partners have the power to reduce stress and increase one another’s wellbeing by engaging in certain supportive communication techniques. “The fastest stress recovery comes from explicit messages,” said Jennifer Priem, a communication professor at Wake Forest. “When a partner is stressed they are unable to focus on interpreting messages well. Clarity and eye contact help.”

Priem uses saliva samples to measure cortisol levels during conversations between couples.

With blackface and monkey suit, Chinese gala on Africa causes uproar

February 16, 2018   |  The New York Times

A New Year show televised to millions across China on Thursday night set off a flood of indignation with its caricatures featuring blackface and African men in animal suits. With China’s broad contacts across Africa, the producers of the New Year show should have known better, said Lina Benabdallah, a Wake Forest professor and expert on China-Africa relations. “If CCTV was in some small, rural area, we can say this is naïveté,” she said. “This is at a bigger level. Whatever the intention, it’s not acceptable.”

Golf’s great economic rebound

February 12, 2018   |  Superintendent Magazine

Todd McFall, an assistant teaching professor in the Department of Economics at Wake Forest, said interest in golf will continue to at least be maintained as long as the economy is robust. But it’s an expensive sport, he adds, and when there’s a downturn, much of the industry will suffer. “When wages stagnate or, worse, when a household loses employment, the first areas of spending that get chopped are activities like travel, visits to restaurants and participation in hobbies,” McFall said.

UNCSA, Wake Forest business school from master's level partnership

February 14, 2018   |  Winston-Salem Journal

Helping “artpreneurs” acquire the skills and savviness to succeed in business is the impetus behind a master’s degree partnership between Wake Forest University School of Business and UNC School of the Arts. The Wake Forest master’s in management degree is a 10-month program aimed at recent non-business majors with limited work experience. Offering UNCSA graduates “with the business knowledge and expertise of Wake Forest’s faculty will put them ahead of the curve personally and professionally,” UNCSA Provost David English said.

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