Rodwell family establishes scholarship at WFU

Durham resident Roy O. Rodwell Jr. and his daughters, Nancy and Rebecca Rodwell, have pledged $250,000 to endow the Roy O. Rodwell Sr. Scholarship Fund at Wake Forest University.

In selecting recipients for the new scholarship, Wake Forest will give preference to undergraduate students from 37 designated counties in eastern North Carolina.

“I am very interested in seeing students from eastern North Carolina attend college, especially private colleges, in North Carolina,” said Roy O. Rodwell Jr.

The elder Rodwell, who was a Henderson banker until his death in 1944, graduated from Wake Forest in 1910. His son, formerly of Henderson, is the founder and a partner of Intersouth Partners in Research Triangle Park. Nancy Rodwell graduated from Wake Forest in 1992. Rebecca Rodwell attended Wake Forest from 1992-1994 and graduated from New York University in 1996.

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