Wake Forest Hosts Early Music Wind Ensemble

Rossignol, an early music trio, will perform a variety of music by Franco-Flemish and Dutch composers at Wake Forest University on Sunday, Nov. 3.

“Six Centuries of Music from the Low Countries” will begin at 8 p.m. in Brendle Recital Hall.

Admission is free.

Formed approximately five years ago, Rossignol specializes in early wind instruments. All three members play various sizes of recorders. The musicians also play more unusual instruments. Patricia Peterson plays dulcian, an early double-reed instrument–precursor of the modern bassoon. Douglas Young plays cornetto, a wooden instrument with a trumpet-like mouthpiece. Stewart Carter, Wake Forest music professor, plays sackbutt, an early trombone.

The ensemble will be joined in this concert by Selina Carter, a Wake Forest music instructor, performing on viola da gamba, and Susan Bates, a Wake Forest accompanist, playing harpsichord.

For information, call 759-5026.

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