WFU Switches to 758 Telephone Prefix

Telephone numbers changed today at Wake Forest University because of the adoption of a new 758 phone prefix for all Reynolda Campus numbers.

The university has dropped its 759 prefix in the switch to 758. Wake Forest had shared the 759 prefix with Winston-Salem residents and businesses. Wake Forest is the only user of the new 758 prefix.

The final four digits of Wake Forest telephone numbers will not change. For instance, the university’s main number will change from 759-5000 to 758-5000.

Although the new prefix goes into effect today, the old prefix can be used through 1997.

“We are encouraging people to begin using the new prefix today, so everyone will get in the habit of using the new number as early as possible,” said Buck Bayliff, assistant vice president for project management at Wake Forest.

The new prefix will appear in the new BellSouth directory published later this month. The directory publishes campus numbers that are frequently called.

Starting Jan. 1, 1998, anyone who attempts to call Wake Forest numbers in the BellSouth directory by using the 759 prefix will hear a recording directing them to use the new prefix. The university has arranged for the recording to run until the summer of 1998.

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