Wake Forest Composer in International Spotlight

During the week of April 19, the music of Dan Locklair, Wake Forest University’s composer-in-residence and professor of music, will be in the international spotlight.

On Monday, April 20, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra will perform Locklair’s “Concerto Grosso” in Finland with Jukka Tiensuu as conductor and soloist. Locklair will deliver a pre-concert talk in Helsinki before the concert.

On April 25 and 26, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will perform the composer’s “HUES for orchestra.” The concerts, conducted by Israeli conductor Uriel Segal, will include pre-concert talks by the composer. Segal has previously conducted another of Locklair’s orchestral works, “Creation’s Seeing Order (A Prelude for Orchestra), with the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra.

On Friday, April 24, Russian harpsichodist Irina Irees will perform one of Locklair’s major solo harpsichord compositions, “The Breaker’s Pound,” at a recital in Washington’s Library of Congress.

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