Update: WFU responds to crisis with services to university community

In response to the terrorism on Sept. 11 in New York City and Washington, D.C., Wake Forest University is taking a number of steps to assist members of the university community-students, faculty and staff-who may be affected in some manner.

Actions include the following:

  • The University Counseling Center and Campus Ministry personnel are available to assist University community members in Room 406 of Benson University Center and in the Counseling Center, Room 118 in Reynolda Hall. Anyone needing their services is encouraged to visit those locations. The phone number for the Counseling Center is 336-758-5273.
  • A telephone line has been established to take calls from the university community. Students, faculty and staff may call to notify the university of family members or university community members who have been affected by the terrorism. The university also would like to be informed about faculty and staff who may be traveling today, especially in areas affected by the terrorism. Furthermore, faculty, staff and students may also call the phone lines if they have questions regarding university services related to the terrorism or if they have suggestions to make. The phone number to call is 336-758-4785. (An e-mail address for the same purpose has also been established. It is hotline@nullwfu.edu.)
  • A university memorial service, open to the public, will be held at 9 p.m. Sept. 11 in Wait Chapel.
  • Televisions in Pugh Auditorium and Shorty’s (both in Benson Center) will continually broadcast news reports about the terrorism.

In conclusion, the university has not issued a campus-wide cancellation of classes. There may be faculty members who have chosen today to cancel their classes.

Wake Forest will be communicating with the university community, as needed, through voice mail and e-mail messages, as well as through the university’s Web site (www.wfu.edu).

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