WFU investigating complaint against fraternity

Wake Forest University is investigating a fraternity on its campus after members were issued misdemeanor citations for abandonment of an animal and allowing livestock to run at large.

The citations stem from allegations that members of Sigma Phi Epsilon brought a pig to an off-campus party on April 20 and left the pig there after the party ended. The Forsyth County Animal Control Department issued the citations.

Twenty-one fraternity members were cited for abandonment of an animal and allowing livestock to run at large, according to information provided to Wake Forest by county officials. Two other members were cited for abandonment of an animal. The students were not arrested.

“The university is thoroughly investigating this event,” said Kenneth A. Zick, vice president for student life and instructional resources. “We take seriously our expectation that organizations on our campus behave in a responsible manner, and students here are well aware of that expectation.”

Zick added that the university is intent on learning the facts of the incident, and separating them from rumors and speculation.

In keeping with normal university procedures, Zick explained, testimony about the off-campus fraternity event will be heard by a group advisory panel, consisting of faculty, staff and student members. The panel will present recommendations to the hearing officer, who will be the dean for student services.

Any action taken by the dean, following the hearing, may be appealed to the university’s Student Life Committee, composed of faculty, staff and student members.

Meanwhile, the Sigma Phi Epsilon national fraternity has suspended the charter of the chapter at Wake Forest, pending its own investigation into the incident.

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