Aramark updates university dining areas

Students returning to Wake Forest University this fall will notice some changes in their campus dining options. Aramark, the university’s dining service, has updated several of the dining stations and added healthy selections at others.

The Reynolda Hall cafeteria is home to many of the changes. The university’s most popular food station, The Roasting Pit, which offered home-cooked vegetables and hand-carved meats, is now called the Home Zone. It will keep the home-cooked quality but add a southern flair to the menu, offering rotisserie chicken and other meats that are grilled or baked.

Parmigianos, the Italian favorite that served mostly pasta dishes, has been updated to Bene Pasta. The new stop will feature different Italian fare like stromboli and calzone.

Café Features, the dining station that offered a variety of traditional American foods, is now World’s Fare. The new station will rotate various ethnic cuisine with fresh ingredients.

Homemade soup stations have been added to the Reynolda Hall cafeteria, Benson Center’s food court and the food court in the Information Systems building. Called Kettle Classics, the soups will rotate daily and numerous toppings will be available.

The dessert stations across campus are now called Tummy Yummy. Students will still be able to find their favorite slice of pie, but they can also now find healthier or low-fat options for their sweet tooth.

The university’s two Sundry Shops— in Davis Hall and at Student Apartments— have also seen a makeover. Each shop now features a health-food corner where students can buy gourmet cheeses, tropical fruits and fresh vegetables.

Aramark also plans to host another dining etiquette program for students this fall called “Dining with the Director.” The first event, offered in the spring, was a sellout. During the eight-course meal, students learn basic dining manners, including how to properly use their utensils and how to set a table.

For more information on the etiquette program, contact Veronica Cruickshank, resident district manager of Aramark at Wake Forest, at 758-5607.

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