North Carolina politics expert available for comment on John Edwards

Jack Fleer, professor emeritus of political science at Wake Forest University and author of the book “North Carolina Politics,” is available to comment on U.S. Sen. John Edwards’ presidential run. Fleer has been a keen observer of North Carolina politics for more than 30 years, and he has followed Edwards’ career since 1998 when he won the U.S. Senate seat during his first run for office.

Fleer says that Edwards has begun to gain momentum because he presents himself well and delivers a clear message that focuses on middle-class issues. This momentum might continue into the New Hampshire primaries, he says.

“Even though he runs into questioning about his experience and youth, he has been able to overcome that with his presentations,” Fleer says. “He really does have a comprehensive program that focuses on middle-class, kitchen-table problems like affording a home, affording health care, affording college and affording daycare.”

Edwards’ Southern roots could also be a boon as the Democratic Party looks for a likely candidate to run against George Bush, Fleer says. “Edwards might come closer than any other candidate to making the South a place where the Republican Party and the Bush campaign would have to put in more of an investment,” Fleer says.

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