Trash to treasure

When students moved out of residence halls for summer break, they donated 108 carpets, 20 ironing boards, 11 chairs, one ladder and hundreds of other items through the DEACS Donate program.

Organized by students in cooperation with Residence Life and Housing staff, DEACS Donate makes it easier for students to recycle clothing, small appliances and household items they plan to discard.  This year, they collected more than 7,000 pounds of donated goods.

Resident Student Association volunteers set up donation bins in each residence hall lobby, as well as bulk item donation areas outside of each residential building. 

“It is not only a great learning opportunity for the Resident Student Association volunteers, but we are able to save a lot of items from the landfill, and allow a great community organization to put them to good use,” said Matt Imboden, assistant director of residence education.

Amelia Knight, a first-year student, helped collect donated items with other student volunteers. Christmas lights were one of the more unexpected items she found at one of the donation sites, but she also collected furniture and mirrors. Knight is enthusiastic about keeping unwanted items out of the trash.

“I think it is an important effort because I was raised with the belief that nothing should be thrown away if someone else can use it.”

Donated items go to The Salvation Army.

“Through the DEACS Donate campaign, students are able to recycle useable items, and The Salvation Army can in turn provide those items to needy people in the community at affordable prices and in some cases, at no cost to families who are homeless or the victims of disasters,” said Major Kent Davis, area commander for The Salvation Army.

Wake Forest’s Office of Residence Life and Housing also works with Facilities & Campus Services and the Office of Sustainability to collect recyclable paper and books at the end of the semester.

“It (DEACS Donate) makes us more sustainable and charitable at the same time,” said Jayson Miller, a junior who also volunteers with the program.

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