Planning the academic journey

As the new University registrar and assistant provost for academic administration, Harold L. Pace oversees the administrative details of academic life from a student’s first days on campus through graduation and beyond.

From enrollment, to course registration, to academic record keeping and official transcripts, all are critical functions of the Office of the University Registrar.

“In addition to being the academic record keeper for the University, our work is helping faculty and students administratively, so that they can focus on their primary roles at Wake Forest, teaching and learning,” says Pace, who joined Wake Forest July 1 after having served 20 years as the university registrar at Notre Dame.

With a wide variety of majors, minors and interdisciplinary programs, Wake Forest attracts students with many talents and interests, and students are encouraged to experience courses from the various disciplines. The registrar’s office provides tools to assist undergraduate students in meeting their academic goals and earning their degree as planned. “We want students to explore possibilities, especially in their first year, but at the same time, with so many choices, inquisitive scholars may need more guidance to stay on track,” Pace says.

As the class of 2015 arrives on campus this weekend, Pace offers the following tips:

Be proactive in seeking assistance and guidance from your first semester to your last. Wake Forest faculty are committed to mentoring activities both in the classroom and in their departments.

Know if you’re meeting your goals for each class. Faculty are asked to report a mid-term grade for each student. Though not recorded on the transcript, mid-term grades are an important evaluation tool and provide an opportunity for you to check progress and correct course where needed.

Use the online degree evaluation tool in WIN to measure academic progress and make certain specific goals and requirements are being met.

Keep parents or other supportive adults informed about your progress. Grades are viewable online in WIN once they are reported. However, for those students who also need a paper report, a request form for this service is available in the registrar’s office.

Pace has extensive experience in higher education working with students and faculty. Prior to his tenure at the University of Notre Dame, he held positions in the registrar’s offices at Louisiana Tech University, Texas A&M University, and Lamar University.

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