Media Advisory: Class of 2015 employment and career experts available

Wake Forest University is a nationally recognized leader in rethinking career development, supporting students in the college to career transition and preparing graduates for today’s job market. The University’s career experts have been quoted in news outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes and others.

For new grads, it’s a buyers’ market

The job market continues to improve for college graduates. Employer surveys indicate businesses are likely to hire more new employees in 2015 than they did last year — anywhere from 9 to 16 percent more.

“This year there has been a shift from an employer market to a student market,” says Mercy Eyadiel, executive director of employer relations at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. “The uptick in hiring is definitely playing out for top talent, and it has forced employers to make offers sooner. They have to act quickly.”

Eyadiel is available to discuss the following trends, including:

  • The continued growth in job opportunities in consulting, financial services, and information technology;
  • A new upswing in communications-related fields such as advertising, marketing and public relations;
  • And the competitive landscape among approximately 1.8 million newly minted grads.

More than one job offer? Now what…

How can 2015 grads improve the odds that the job choice they accept is the right one — especially this year when employers are hiring, and there may be a second or third offer in the wings?

“It’s not surprising coming out of the previously poor economy, that new grads may feel pressure to accept the first offer they receive, thinking that the ideal job is in a distant future,” says Katharine Brooks, executive director of personal and career development at Wake Forest University. “But, there are questions to ask before accepting a job offer that can help determine if it’s really the best career choice and a good first step.”

Brooks can talk about what how to make the transition from college to career while focusing on the bigger picture — a long-term career journey rather than whether the first job is the “right” one.

Trends in career preparation: Higher education can, and must, teach innovative thinking

The workforce of the future needs individuals who can identify and create value, are agile team players, and have a strong work ethic. “Colleges and universities with high first destination success ensure students are market ready,” says Vice President of Personal and Career Development Andy Chan, a national leader in rethinking the college to career experience.

“What employers want are the highly motivated students who can take initiative, be resourceful and persevere in the face of change and challenge.”

Chan can discuss trends in higher education related to career preparation and skill development for the 21st century — including the importance of creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and how it is not only possible but necessary to provide an environment where students push the boundaries, test new ideas and learn to cope with both success and failure.

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