Media Advisory: Addition of Biden to political field likened to grocery store aisle: Too many choices

Allan Louden, an expert on political campaigns and debates, can talk about the impact of a presidential run by Vice President Joe Biden.

How does a Biden run affect the campaign overall?

“Choice is always attractive, until it is time to choose. With so many presidential candidates it is beginning to feel like an aisle in the grocery store – just too many choices. So voters might think to just pick up the old tried and true brand, or at least that is what Biden might hope if he throws his hat in.”

What would a Biden run mean to Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

“When Biden ran in the also crowded 1988 presidential primary, he was the new flavor of the party. Now he is safely familiar, and could serve as an excuse for not picking brand Hillary.

But is that enough? Choosing between two known brands becomes harder when it’s real – not to mention the availability of the shiny boxed Bernie Sanders brand.”

Louden, professor of communication, has provided expert commentary and analysis for USA TodayThe Los Angeles Times, MSNBCNewsweek and a wide range of other media outlets.

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