Finding true north

The word "impossible" doesn't exist for Kathryn Webster

The word "impossible" doesn't exist for Kathryn Webster

Meet Kathryn Webster (’17)

Kathryn came to Wake Forest to study math and statistics, which is difficult when you’re sighted let alone blind. Her professor and a college administrator helped her by adapting technology to create a way for her to read and write the visual code necessary to study higher level statistics. That’s pretty important considering she wants to be an actuarial scientist.

Meet Enzo, the guide dog

Enzo stands steadfast at Kathryn’s side – most of the time. Like any dog, he’s captivated by the sights, sounds and smells of a college campus, but knows his mission to help Kathryn navigate Wake Forest comes first.

April 27 is International Guide Dog Day and Enzo wants to invite you along as he and Kathryn experience a typical day at Wake Forest.

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