Wake Forest in the News (Aug. 23-29)

Selected news clips courtesy of Wake Forest University News & Communications


Listening & Leading: New Wake Forest president embraces challenges, opportunities
By Richard Craver | Winston-Salem Journal
President Wente took time from her hectic schedule on Aug. 12 to speak with the Winston-Salem Journal about the challenges and opportunities of serving as Wake Forest’s new president. The Q&A was published Sunday and appeared on the front page of the print version of the paper. – 8/28/2021

U.S. lessons from Afghanistan: Move away from nation-building
By Cheryl V. Walker | Wake Forest News
As the Biden administration faces a self-imposed Aug. 31 deadline to evacuate Americans, Afghan partners and NATO allies from Afghanistan after the collapse of that country’s government, U.S. foreign policy expert C. William Walldorf Jr. sees an opportunity to rethink how the United States approaches operations abroad. – 8/25/2021


What works better when it comes to convincing Americans to get vaccinated – rewards or penalties?
By Charles Passy | MarketWatch
Economics professor Frederick Chen, who has studied loss aversion as it relates to the flu vaccine, said lots of variables must be taken into consideration. There’s no question that offering $1 million or even $1,000 might convince some individuals to get vaccinated against COVID-19, he said. At the same time, such rewards are probably not practical from a financial standpoint. –8/27/2021

Local judges decide fate of many renters facing eviction
By Kristian Hernandez, Cristian Soto, Derek Noehren | Omaha Daily Record
These discrepancies in renter protections also are prevalent in other states because it’s largely up to local judges to interpret how to apply local, state and federal eviction bans, according to Emily Benfer, a visiting law professor and chair of the American Bar Association. –8/26/2021

The world may seem terrible, but doomscrolling won’t make It seem better
By Peter Suciu | Forbes
“Negativity is contagious and unsatisfying. After reading devastating news about Afghanistan, Haiti, and the upsurge in Covid-19 infections, we tend to want to read more, which can lead to the phenomenon of doomscrolling,” said Nathaniel Ivers, department chairman and an associate professor in the University’s Online Master’s in Counseling Program. – 8/26/2021

Over 50 African intellectuals call for end to Ethiopia strife
By Aggrey Mutambo | Daily Nation
A group of more than 55 African intellectuals have added their call for peace in Ethiopia, demanding the country’s warring parties lay down arms for dialogue, including Lina Benabdallah, assistant professor of politics at Wake Forest University. – 8/27/2021

This is how to respond the next time someone insists on ‘Good Vibes Only’
Toxic positivity is best described as “the idea that authentic or genuine negative emotions should be bypassed in favor of positive thinking,” according to counseling professor Allison Forti. These thought patterns often develop with good intentions, as many of us have been taught not to dwell on negative emotions, but they are still characterized by invalidations. – 8/24/2021


30 US Colleges With Strong Cybersecurity Systems and Innovations
Wake Forest has been named to this list of “30 US Colleges With Strong Cybersecurity Systems and Innovations.” In 2012, the leading researchers at the University were pioneering a computer program that could repel cyber attacks as they took place. Best Colleges considers Wake Forest University to be the most technologically advanced college in America. – 8/13/2021

TBJ hires Lillian Johnson to cover innovation, health care, higher education
By Daniel P. Finnegan | Triad Business Journal
The Triad Business Journal has hired a Wake Forest grad to cover higher education. Lillian Johnson, a New Jersey native who graduated from WFU in 2020, spent more than three years with the Old Gold & Black campus newspaper. – 8/25/2021

EDsmart announces 2021 Best Online Law Schools Ranking
Wake Forest School of Law makes this list of Best Online Law Schools. Rankings are based on affordability, academic quality, student satisfaction and post-graduation earnings according to data from the U.S. Department of Education and Payscale.com. – 8/26/2021


Students at Wake Forest University hold protest calling for safety of sexual assault survivors
A protest occurred today on Wake Forest University’s campus regarding the readmittance of alleged serial sexual predators with multiple Title IX offenses. “We are grateful to the students, faculty and staff who are coming together to continue to raise awareness about the importance of preventing and responding to sexual and other kinds of misconduct on our campus, and we remain committed to this ongoing work,” Vice President of Campus Life Penny Rue said in a message to the University community. – 8/28/2021

Krispy Kreme offering two free doughnuts for vaccinated people
By Richard Craver | Winston-Salem Journal
“This is one of those times when a company’s public relations campaign itself can truly be a ‘win-win,’” said Roger Beahm, executive director of the Center for Retail Innovation at the Wake Forest University School of Business. “In this case, it serves a social cause and public purpose as well.” – 8/25/2021

‘Calming people down,’ Winston-Salem professor explains why stores have empty shelves
By Colette Stein | WXII-TV
Haresh Gurnani, professor at Wake Forest University School of Business, says an increase in demand, a lack of raw materials and issues with distribution all play a role. – 8/23/2021

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