WFU in the news: May 29-June 4, 2023

Selected news clips courtesy of the Wake Forest News & Communications team


Cuban publishing house organized meeting with U.S. youths
Cuban News Agency
Cuba’s Ediciones Vigía organized a meeting between local poets and students from Wake Forest University, in North Carolina, U.S.A., and poets from Matanzas; in the exchange, held at the Office of the Curator of this city and marked by Latin American and Anglo-Saxon music and poetry. “The idea was to link these young people to the city’s cultural life, as well as to enjoy the voice of Anthony, one of the students who came with professor of Romance languages Linda Howe, a friend of the publishing house,” Vigía director Agustina Ponce Valdés said. – 6/02/2023


Everyone thinks they’re a marketing expert
By Aaron Basko | The Chronicle of Higher Education
“At my former institution (Ithaca College), we saw initial enrollment success, but things did not really pop until we figured out a concept that encapsulated who we were and what we wanted to convey to the market. The minute we heard the idea, we knew it was going to change the way we did business. By marketing to that concept, our applicant pool really took off,” said Eric Maguire, vice president for enrollment. – 5/30/2023

Scholars respond to the question ‘Is Social Justice Just?’
The Independent Review
An honest examination of the term social justice is essential in the current political economy. Economics professor Robert Whaples is one of twenty-one contributors to a new book, “Is Social Justice Just?” “We all hunger to live in a just world. This can happen when everyone rejects the idea that one group or one individual is superior to another,” said Whaples, who contributed a chapter titled Social Justice, Antiracism, and Public Policy. – 5/31/2023

“Post-Traumatic Growth”
All About Adolescent Literacy (podcast)
Eranda Jayawickreme is the Harold W. Tribble Professor of Psychology and senior research fellow at the Program for Leadership and Character. In this podcast episode, he discusses the belief that adversity often leads to growth or positive outcomes as well as the power of trusting relationships, humility and empathy in the wake of trauma. – 5/30/2023


April home sales dip in Greensboro
By David Ford | WFDD-FM (Winston-Salem, NC)
April home sales dipped nearly 17% from a year ago in the Triangle and fell just under 30% in Greensboro. “There was a land rush in the United States,” said economics professor Todd McFall. “People were flush with cash from not spending during the pandemic. There were some increases in income from the pandemic programs or because they were able to keep a job. And interest rates were lower and everyone knew that those interest rates were going to increase.” – 5/31/2023


NC Senate medical marijuana bill gains ally in Forsyth County Rep. Donny Lambeth
By Richard Craver | Winston-Salem Journal
Potential opposition from House speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, and House majority leader John Bell IV, R-Johnston, could derail SB3 in the House, said politics professor John Dinan, a national expert on state legislatures. – 5/31/2023

Black Faith & HIV initiative to host Triad’s first Black Men’s Wellness Expo
Yes! Weekly
Wake Forest University’s Black Faith and HIV initiative is set to host the Triad’s very first Black Men’s Wellness Expo titled “Protect Your Energy” on June 10 to kick off National Men’s Health Week. The free event is open to the public and will be held at Winston-Salem State University. The Black Faith and HIV initiative is a national effort to combat HIV stigma and is led by the Faith Coordinating Center at Wake Forest University School of Divinity. – 6/01/2023

When will the Reynolda Road crosswalk light be installed?
By Melissa Leonard Hall | Winston-Salem Journal
The light will be repaired soon, said Cheryl Walker, the executive director of strategic communications (news) told us. “Wake Forest Facilities and Campus Services expects delivery of the new pedestrian crossing pole the week of June 12 and will make plans for installation once it is received,” she said. – 6/04/2023

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