Students get ‘Face to Face’ with Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney at Wake Forest Face to Face student-led event.

“We are facing a threat we have not faced before in our country, and it is going to take the commitment of young people, not just to advocate for the causes you believe in, but actually to make sure you go and vote,” said Former U.S. Representative Liz Cheney during the Face to Face student-led event on February 22. 

Wake Forest Leadership and Character Scholars seniors Cheyenne Surin-Bullard, a health and exercise science major, and Rucker Robinson, who is majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, moderated the conversation in Wait Chapel.

“One thing about Liz Cheney that resonated with me was that her reflections on the state of our country presented a non-partisan message in favor of open conversation, civic engagement, and recognition of shared membership in our democracy,” said Rucker. “Her words helped to ease the disillusionment I often feel concerning our government.”

Cheney discussed mentorship, civic engagement, politics and the future of the country with Wake Forest students and college and high school students from the Winston-Salem area in advance of the evening keynote event. 

“I know politics can seem very messy, but we need good people to be involved. I would urge people to recognize that they can make a difference and that can start at the local level,” Cheney said.

College isn’t about having your worldview affirmed, Cheney said. “It is about challenging your beliefs, learning, and putting them to the test. It is possible your viewpoints might evolve.”

Senior politics and international affairs major Avery Kirkpatrick said, “Even as someone from the other end of the political aisle, I hold a lot of respect for Cheney and her deference to the Constitution. It was such a cool experience to hear her recount stories that have shaped her view on America’s current political system.”

As the daughter of Dick Cheney, the 46th vice president of the United States who served under President George W. Bush, and second lady of the U.S. Lynn Cheney, Liz Cheney grew up in a family committed to service.  

“For me it was important to see my parents involved in causes that were bigger than themselves,” she said. “Part of my commitment and dedication to my career is to make sure the future generations know there is a peaceful transfer of power.”

The community-facing Face to Face Speaker Forum brings world-renowned, influential voices to Winston-Salem to discuss topics in a variety of areas including politics, arts and culture, business and social justice.  The student-led event is a session for Wake Forest University students, students from area institutions of higher learning and local high school students with the featured speaker.

The Face to Face Speaker Forum with Liz Cheney was presented by Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. A complete list of speaker forum sponsors is available on the Face to Face website.

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