WFU in the news: March 25-31, 2024

Selected news clips courtesy of the Wake Forest News & Communications team



Local engineers weigh in on Baltimore bridge collapse
By Lindsay Clein | WXII-TV (Winston Salem, NC)
Wake Forest University engineering professors Patricia Clayton and Courtney Di Vittorio were interviewed for this news story. Clayton explained how tragedies like this one will always have engineers re-assessing. Di Vittorio, shared how the news brought back memories and personal experiences of the risk involved in working on these job sites.” I always have so much respect and appreciation for all the people risking their lives every day.” — 3/26/2024


Getting more impatient when the end is in sight
By Christian Miller | Forbes
“Like millions of her fans, you might be waiting impatiently for Taylor Swift’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department, to drop. As the big day draws near, do you find your level of impatience going up, going down, or staying roughly the same? All three options make some sense,” writes philosophy professor Christian Miller. – 3/25/2024

Amazon prosecutors get sharper impact tool to charge illegal gold dealers
“With gold prices at a near-record high of $2,145 per ounce in early March, illegal mining across the Amazon will remain worth the risk for countless small-scale miners. While law enforcement and prosecutions are necessary governments need to do a better job establishing clear go/no-go areas for miners and a clear legal framework for them to follow and mine in appropriate areas,” writes long-time Mongabay contributor and journalism professor Justin Catanoso. – 3/29/2024


The cost of loyalty
By Jordan Wiklund | The Food Institute
“Consumers love customary pricing, finding comfort and predictability in its consistency,” said professor Bingxuan Guo. “The change of customary prices, especially increased ones, can evoke a spectrum of responses. Consumers might feel frustrated because of loss aversion. They might also view themselves as less powerful in the relationship with brands and businesses. Perceived fairness can be another problem.” – 3/29/2024

Will Boom’s first prototype flight ease supersonic skepticism?
By Allen Johnson | Greensboro News & Record
Boom should not fear having competition for investor funding and aircraft orders, said marketing professor Roger Beahm. “Competition in any industry is not a bad thing. While on the one hand, an individual business wants to hold as large a market share as it can believing it can maximize its profit, competition is healthy in that it can grow a category to where everyone benefits.” – 3/28/2024

Volunteers preserve Black history by restoring North Carolina’s African American cemeteries
By Amy Diaz | WFDD-FM (Winston-Salem, NC)
Mapping the cemetery is extremely challenging, according to Terry Brock, an archaeologist and research associate in the African American studies program. “It’s not quite as straightforward of a project as mapping, for example, the cemetery that’s just down the road where everything’s in nice, neat rows, and all the headstones are standing. And the lawn is nicely manicured, and things like that,” he said. – 3/28/2024

State grant to fund major redevelopment project near Wake Forest University athletic facilities
By April Laissle | WFDD-FM (Winston-Salem, NC)
Plans are underway to transform parking lots near Wake Forest University’s athletic facilities into a multimillion-dollar entertainment destination. The project is a joint venture between Wake Forest University, Front Street Capital, and Carter, an Atlanta-based development company. Adam Parker, a vice president with Carter, says the idea is to restore the area around Allegacy Stadium, David F. Couch Ballpark, and Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum to its former glory. – 3/28/2024

Greensboro appearances foreshadow likely themes in governor’s race
By Camdyn Bruce | Greensboro News & Record
Politics professor John Dinan said both campaigns will clearly want to emphasize “their favored issues and make these issues as prominent as possible in voters’ minds” in the hopes it pays dividends come election time. – 3/25/2024

Rail’s importance, potential studied
Wilkes Journal-Patriot
A new study and report by the N.C. Department of Transportation in partnership with the Institute for Transportation Research and Education focuses on the economic importance and potential of rail systems. Economics professor Todd McFall cited the greater efficiency of hauling freight by rail compared to long-haul trucking. – 3/27/2024


Winston-Salem among the most resistant to extreme weather, study finds
By Chaewon Chung | Winston-Salem Journal
“I don’t think this is a measure of saying that Winston-Salem could just sit back and relax. But I do think it means that we have the advantages that Winston-Salem has by virtue of its location and some of the investments the city has made, compared to other areas,” Stan Meiburg, the executive director of the Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability said. – 3/26/2024

$35 million dollar Midtown project to renovate Deacon Boulevard
By Phil Sterling | WXLV-TV (Winston Salem, NC)
Ben Rowe, Winston-Salem’s Assistant City Manager said the west side of Deacon Boulevard could be moved north toward Baity Street, allowing stores and retailers to open where it used to be. “Other public infrastructure improvements will include a greenway and some better connections to the Wake Forest University campus. – 3/25/2024

Arts District of Winston-Salem names two to board
Yes! Weekly
The downtown organization welcomes interdisciplinary artist and Hanes Gallery manager Rachael Hayes to the board. “I believe wholeheartedly that the arts are a tool that can provide anyone with a sense of identity, fellowship, and value, which is why I was so eager to be involved with ADWS,” she said. – 3/27/2024

McDonald’s partnership could prove sweet treat for Krispy Kreme investors
By Richard Craver | Winston-Salem Journal
Gaining McDonald’s vote of confidence means Krispy Kreme likely “met or exceeded the going-in objectives for both companies,” said marketing professor Roger Beahm. “The business objectives that would have needed to be achieved would certainly have included things like meaningful increases in revenue and profit, increases in unit sales for both entities and potentially even growth in market share.” – 3/31/2024

Winston-Salem Journal
Middle and high school students in the Piedmont region will have an opportunity to explore careers in the growing field of statistics and data science at Florence Nightingale Day. The goal of the free event at Wake Forest is to engage kids, promote future career opportunities, and celebrate the contributions of women to these fields. – 3/31/2024


Army helicopters to land on Poteat Field as part of ROTC training exercise
By Cheryl Walker | Wake Forest News
“Cadets have worked together to plan and coordinate this movement building their experience and confidence in developing training plans,” said Lieutenant Colonel John P. Flach, professor of military science at Wake Forest. “Cadets will learn and gain experience with the capabilities of Army Aviation systems, and will get exposed to how Army Aviation can support both real-world operations and training.” – 3/28/2024

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