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Timo Thonhauser

Associate Professor of Physics

Thonhauser sees much potential for using hydrogen to power vehicles.

Expert Areas: Carbon Capture | Condensed Matter Physics | Hydrogen Storage | Metal Organic Frameworks | Physics | Quantum Physics

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Barry Trachtenberg

Rubin Presidential Chair of Jewish History and Director of Jewish Studies Program

Trachtenberg can comment on the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as a range of issues facing Jews around the world.

Expert Areas: American Jewish history | Antisemitism | immigration policy and Judaism | Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | Jewish identity and culture | Nazism | Race | The Holocaust | Yiddish culture and language | Zionism

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Robert Whaples

Professor of Economics

Whaples is a strong advocate of eliminating the penny.

Expert Areas: Economic History of the U.S. | Economics of Climate Change | Economics of Natural Resources | Elimination of the Penny | Employment and Unemployment | History of Labor Markets | Minimum Wage | Walmart and Big Box Retailers

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Eric G. Wilson

Thomas H. Pritchard Professor of English

Wilson is a leading expert in the relationships between literature and psychology.

Expert Areas: American Culture and Mental Health | Film and Religion | Humanism and Technology | Literature and Psychology | The Gothic | Transatlantic Romanticism | Western Esoteric Traditions

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