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Justin Catanoso

Journalism program professor of the practice and freelance journalist sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Catanoso specializes in covering and speaking on global climate change from international policy to tropical forests and ocean ecosystems.

Expert Areas: Travel Writing | Catholic Saints and Saint-Making | Faith and climate change | Global climate change policy | Climate change and Earth ecosystems | Sustainability in cities and businesses | Importance of free press | Italian Culture

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Andy Chan

Vice President, Innovation & Career Development

Chan inspires the innovation in higher ed career development that helps students develop the mindset needed for a lifetime of employability.

Expert Areas: Job Hunting | Internships | Career Development | Mentoring | Networking | Entrepreneurship | Innovation | Creativity | Leadership | Character Development | Fundraising | Personal Development | Higher Education and Career Development

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Kami Chavis, J.D.

Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives

Professor Chavis has substantial practice experience and writes and teaches in areas such as criminal justice reform, police accountability.

Expert Areas: Criminal Law | Criminal Procedure | Criminal Justice Reform | Civil Litigation | White-Collar Criminal Defense | Internal Investigations | Police Reform

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Samuel Cho

Associate Professor of Physics and Computer Science

Cho has a unique perspective on biomolecular research of cellular processes.

Expert Areas: Computational Biophysics | Molecular Dynamics Simulations | GPU-Based Programming | Protein and RNA Folding | Biomolecular Assembly | Molecular Machines | Protein Folding Kinetics | RNA Folding Mechanisms | Protein-RNA Machines: Ribosome Assembly | Protein-Nanoparticle Interactions | GPU-Based MD Simulations

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Dan Cohen

John C. Whitaker Executive Director Wake Forest’s Entrepreneurship Program and Professor of Practice

Well-versed in entrepreneurial theory and practice, Cohen has extensive experience as an educator and practitioner.

Expert Areas: Entrepreneurship | Social Enterprise | Business Strategy

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William E. Conner

Professor of Biology

Conner is an expert in bat-insect interactions and in STEM entrepreneurship, particularly in bio-inspired design of new products.

Expert Areas: Animal Communication | Chemical Ecology | Bat Behavior | Human-Bat Interactions | Rearing Bats in Captivity | Bat Feeding Habits | Insect Defenses Against Predation | Animal Behavior | Bioacoustics | Sonar Jamming | Bioinspiration | Biomimicry

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Mary Dalton

Professor of Communication

Dalton can put new TV shows in perspective and provide insightful comments about the latest feature films.

Expert Areas: Film | Hollywood Movies | Screenwriting | Documentary Films | Television Situational Comedies | Film Criticism | Teachers in Movies and Television | Film Production | Women in Film

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Christina Marsh Dalton

Assistant Professor of Economics & Adjunct Appointment, Public Health Sciences, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Dalton’s research focuses on health economics, health care markets, public and private insurance, and the economics of public health policy.

Expert Areas: Health Economics | Health Insurance / Affordable Care Act | Employer-based Health Plans | Economic Analysis | Health Plan Financing | Medicare / Medicare Part D | Health Care Markets

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Tim Davis, J.D.

Professor of Law

Davis is a renowned expert in sports law whose scholarship focuses on racism in athletics, the NCAA, and professional sports agents.

Expert Areas: Anti-Doping | Athletes | College Athletics | Contracts | Entertainment Law | Intercollegiate Athletics | NCAA | Professional Athletes | Professional Athletics | Race Law | Racism in Sport | Sports Agents | Student-Athletes | Sports Law

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John Dinan

Professor of Politics and International Affairs

Dinan studies federal and state policy-making and constitutional developments.

Expert Areas: American Politics | State Constitutionalism | American Federalism | American Political Development | Congress and Legislative Studies | Policymaking | State Politics | American Elections

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