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Errin Fulp

Professor of Computer Science

Fulp is an expert in cyber security and computer networks.

Expert Areas: Cyber Security | Computer Networks | Computer Configurations | Bio-Inspiration and Biomimicry | Moving Target Defense | Multimedia Systems | Simulation | Programming Languages | Deploying “Digital Ants” on the Power Grid | Genetically Inspired Computer Configurations to Fight Cyber Threats | Determining Network Usage and Intent Based on Interaction Patterns | Quality of Service (QoS) Management and Related Security Issues | Dynamic Resource Allocation | Peer-to-Peer Systems | Failure Prediction and Management | Network Pricing and Auctions

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Rebecca Gill

Associate Professor of Communication, Merlo Presidential Chair in Communication and Entrepreneurship

Gill focuses on entrepreneurial and occupational identity and how innovators develop their voices in startups and existing organizations.

Expert Areas: Entrepreneurship | Gender and Entrepreneurship | Interprofessional Communication | Innovation and New Venture Development | Storytelling and Entrepreneurship | Work/Life and Entrepreneurship | Organizational Communication | Entrepreneurial Identity

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Samuel Gladding

Professor of Counseling

Gladding, an expert on family counseling, can address issues related to parenting, blended families, and family relationships.

Expert Areas: Family Counseling | Group Counseling | Arts in Counseling | International Counseling | Creative Arts in Counseling | Professional Orientation to Counseling | Creativity | Wellness

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Amanda Griffith

Associate Professor of Economics

Griffith's research focuses on the economics of higher education.

Expert Areas: Economics of Education | Women and STEM Fields | Labor Economics | Applied Econometrics

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Michael Gross

Associate Professor, Department of Engineering

National Science Foundation CAREER Award winner Michael Gross is a founding faculty member of WFU's undergraduate program in engineering.

Expert Areas: Activity-level, or situational, student motivation in STEM courses and practical course design | Solid state materials for electrochemical energy conversion | Materials Chemistry | Materials engineering and processing | Composite engineering | High-powered fuel cell technologies | Student motivation and motivation theory in STEM courses  | Green technologies | Chemical Engineering | Inorganic Chemistry | Multifunctional ceramic composites for solid oxide fuel-cell electrodes | Adsorption calorimetry

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Mark Hall, J.D.

Professor of Law

Hall is an expert on the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid reform, and health care policy. He can also help you understand your medical bills.

Expert Areas: Public Health | Medical Billing | Medicaid | ACHA | ACA | Health Law | Bioethics | Health Care Law | Public Policy | Insurance Law and Regulations | Health Care Access | Affordable Care Act | American Health Care Act | Medicaid Expansion | Medical Bills | Health Insurance

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Katy Harriger

Professor of Political Science

Harriger is an expert on political participation and voting among college-age people. She is also an expert on federal special prosecutors.

Expert Areas: American Constitutional Law | The Separation of Powers | Government Ethics | Independent Counsel & Special Prosecutors | The Supreme Court | Women and Politics

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Donna Henderson

Professor of Counseling

Henderson is an expert on the everyday issues confronting children and their parents.

Expert Areas: Bullying | School Transitions | Middle School | Parent-Teacher Communications | School Counseling | Counseling Children | International Counseling

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Dedee DeLongpré Johnston

Director of Sustainability

Johnston has nearly 20 years of expertise in education, sustainability and environmental issues.

Expert Areas: Sustainability in Higher Education | Sustainable Management | Green Business | Recycling | Carbon Footprint Reduction | Energy Conservation | Renewable Energy | Environmental Issues | Sustainable Agriculture | Ecosystem Management

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Oana Jurchescu

Associate Professor of Physics

Jurchescu’s expertise is in the structure and electronic properties of organic semiconductors.

Expert Areas: Flexible Plastics | Organic Electronics | Nanotechnology | Macroelectronics | Organic Semiconductors | Organic Devices | Physics of Organic Semiconductor Devices | Organic Spintronics | Functional Organic Materials | Structure-Property Correlations | Organic Thin-Film Transistors | Organic Field-Effect Transistors | Organic Single Crystals | Perovskite Electronics | Perovskite Thin-Film Transistors | Charge Transfer Complexes

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