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Oana Jurchescu

Associate Professor of Physics

Jurchescu’s expertise is in the structure and electronic properties of organic semiconductors.

Expert Areas: Flexible Plastics | Organic Electronics | Nanotechnology | Macroelectronics | Organic Semiconductors | Organic Devices | Physics of Organic Semiconductor Devices | Organic Spintronics | Functional Organic Materials | Structure-Property Correlations | Organic Thin-Film Transistors | Organic Field-Effect Transistors | Organic Single Crystals | Perovskite Electronics | Perovskite Thin-Film Transistors | Charge Transfer Complexes

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Daniel Kim-Shapiro

Professor of Physics & Harbert Family Distinguished Chair for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship

Kim-Shapiro is an expert on nitric oxide, a signaling molecule that is important in maintaining adequate blood flow.

Expert Areas: Blood Flow Clotting | Nitric Oxide Dysfunction | Blood Storage Transfusions | Cardiovascular Health | Sickle Cell Disease | Hemoglobin | Complications from Blood Transfusions | Drinking Beet Juice

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John Knox, J.D.

Professor of Law

Knox’s six years with the U.N. shaped his expertise on the issue of human rights and the environment.

Expert Areas: Paris Climate Treaty | International Trade Law | Global Warming | EPA | Climate Change | Environmental Law | Human Rights Law | International Relations | International Law | Trade Law | Environmental Policy | Environmental Issues | Biodiversity | Environmental Defenders | Environmental Protection Agency | Human Rights Advocates | Paris Agreement

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Marina Krcmar

Professor of Communication

Krcmar is a leading expert on the effects of video games and television on children and adolescents.

Expert Areas: Video Game Violence | Effects of Video Game Violence on Children | Video Game Violence Legislation | Children and Television | Baby Einstein | Families Without Television | Video Games and Moral Reasoning | Media and Moral Reasoning

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Bill Leonard

James and Marilyn Dunn Chair of Baptist Studies, School of Divinity

Leonard’s research focuses on Church History with particular attention to American religion, Baptist studies, and Appalachian religion.

Expert Areas: Church History | American Religion | Baptist Studies | Appalachian Religion

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Sarah Lischer

Associate Professor of Political Science

Lischer is an expert in humanitarian crises, military intervention, genocide and forced migration.

Expert Areas: Humanitarian Crises | Genocide Issues | Forced Migration | African Politics | Military Intervention in Humanitarian Crises | Civil Wars | Transitional Justice War Crimes Tribunals | Human Rights | Politics of Forced Migration | Civil Wars: Causes and Consequences | International Conflict Resolution | Politics of International Military Intervention | Humanity and Atrocity

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John Llewellyn

Associate Professor of Communication

Llewellyn is a scholar of rhetoric, analyzing persuasive language from the most prominent politicians, coaches and civil rights leaders.

Expert Areas: Rhetoric | Organization Analysis | Public Speaking | Communications Management | Community Outreach

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Allan Louden

Department Chair and Professor of Communication

Louden is an expert in political communication, presidential rhetoric and argumentation theory.

Expert Areas: Rhetoric | Debate | Political Consulting | Political Campaigns | Political Adverstising/Marketing

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Tanya Marsh, J.D.

Professor of Law

Marsh uses her legal expertise in real estate and banking to frame her research in the legal treatment of human remains and burial.

Expert Areas: Real Estate | Community Banks | Human Remains | Funeral Law | Business Law | Cemetery Law | Burial Law | Dodd Frank | Contracts | Real Estate Law | Property Law

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E.J. Masicampo

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Masicampo’s research focuses on willpower, goal setting, and the psychology behind resisting temptation.

Expert Areas: Self-Control | Willpower | Goal Setting | Plan Making | Consciousess | Social Psychology

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