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Paúl Pauca

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Pauca has combined his professional research and personal passion to improve the lives of people all over the world.

Expert Areas: Hyperspectral and LiDAR image analysis | Human-computer interfaces for disabilities | Mobile and pervasive devices | Computer Science Education | STEM and entrepreneurship | Pitt Hopkins Syndrome | Non-profit organization development | Parenting a Child with Special Needs

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Mark Rabil, J.D.

Director of Innocence and Justice Clinic

Rabil is an experienced advocate for the wrongfully convicted whose work led to the release and exoneration of Darryl Hunt.

Expert Areas: Trial Advocacy | Criminal Procedure | Litigation | Criminal Law | Wrongful Convictions | Innocence and Justice | Criminal Justice | Incarceration | Social Justice | Capital Defender | Racial Justice | Criminal Investigation

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Randall Rogan

Professor of Communication

Rogan is an internationally recognized expert on both international and domestic terrorism and hostage negotiation.

Expert Areas: Interpersonal Communication | Counterterrorism | Crisis Negotiation | Communication and Conflict | Author Identification | Hostage Negotiations | Terrorism

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Peter Siavelis

Professor of Political Science & Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program

Siavelis' research currently focuses on electoral politics in Latin America, specifically candidate selection.

Expert Areas: Latin American Politics | Political Recruitment and Candidate Selection | U.S. Immigration | International Political Economy | Interamerican Relations | Democratic Institutional Design

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Miles Silman

Director of the Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability and Professor of Biology

Silman has been a leader in the sustainability movement since beginning his doctoral research more than 20 years ago.

Expert Areas: Tropical Ecology | Tropical Biodiversity | Community Ecology | Plant Evolution | Plant Ecology | Techniques in Mathematical Biology | Advanced Ecology | Sustainability | Climate Change

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Robin Simon

Professor of Sociology

Simon has conducted groundbreaking research regarding the impact of parenthood on adults’ happiness and health.

Expert Areas: Social Relationships and Health | Parenthood and Happiness | Gender Emotion and Mental Health | Women and Depression | Romantic Relationships

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Joseph Soares

Professor of Sociology

Soares is a driving force behind the national movement to rethink college admissions and adopt test-optional admissions policies.

Expert Areas: Sociology | Standardized Tests | National Educational Policies | Social Discrimination | Privilege in Society | Societal Trends

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Patrick Sullivan

Director, Strategic Projects

Sullivan supports students in their internship search & coaches them on getting the most from their experiences.

Expert Areas: Job Hunting | Networking | Career Development | Personal Development | Higher Education | Employment Trends | Hiring Trends | Internships | Interview Preparation

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Mike Summers

Director, Employer Relations

Summers helps students build relationships and seek internships as they explore and secure career paths from their first year to their last.

Expert Areas: Employer Relations | Job Hunting | Networking | Career Development | Personal Development | Employer | Higher Education | Talent Recruitment | Employment/Hiring Trends

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Timo Thonhauser

Associate Professor of Physics

Thonhauser sees much potential for using hydrogen to power vehicles.

Expert Areas: Condensed Matter Physics | Carbon Capture | Physics | Quantum Physics | Hydrogen Storage | Metal Organic Frameworks

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