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After divorce, shared parenting is best for children's health and development

June 5, 2017   |  Business Insider

Linda Nielsen, a professor of educational and adolescent psychology at Wake Forest, drilled into research to find that children whose parents share physical custody have better outcomes even when one parent initially opposed the arrangement and even when conflict between the parents was high.

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Meet this newly discovered flying squirrel

June 5, 2017   |  National Geographic

A new species of flying squirrel has been found in the Pacific Northwest. Peter Weigl, a vertebrate ecologist and emeritus professor at Wake Forest, commented on the discovery of  Humboldt’s flying squirrel.

“He [researcher Brian Arbogast] has their genetics, but he’s also shown how their geography, climate, and vegetation changed over time. It’s the full story.”  Now the big challenge is “to figure out what the hell the northern and Humboldt’s squirrels are doing,” Weigl said. “What’s keeping them apart? Is it the ecology or their behaviours? Are they specialised in some ways so that they aren’t competing?”

Former FBI Director appointed special counsel

June 5, 2017   |  Fox News Channel

Katy Harriger, politics professor and author of “The Special Prosecutor in American Politics,” commented on the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel. “It is hard to imagine anyone else who would have the level of support and trust across parties that he does,” said Harriger.

A link to the story is not available.

Can b-school rankings be reformed?

June 5, 2017   |  Inside Higher Ed

Rankings have become a central part of many colleges’ admissions strategies – even as many experts have questioned their validity and whether they help anyone except those organizations that produce them. Jeremiah Nelson, director of enrollment management for the Charlotte program of the Wake Forest University business school said, “Ultimately, rankings are only a starting place for researching schools in the early stages of the exploration process. Most savvy b-school candidates are not making their decisions on ranking alone.”

Media Report for May 20 - June 2, 2017

June 5, 2017   |  WFU News & Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for May 20 – June 2, 2017 is now available online.

Wake Forest graduation speaker urges students to 'look up from those screens' and embrace tolerance

May 22, 2017   |  Winston-Salem Journal

With the quad decked out with all the trimmings, the graduates received advice from President Nathan Hatch and Jon Meacham. Hatch urged the graduates to look up from their screens and embrace eye contact.

“I challenge you to lift your eyes and don’t take for granted the power of deep, human conversation,” Hatch said.

Meacham encouraged the graduates to take naps outside in the summer, go to movies, subscribe to newspapers and magazines and “look up from those screens.” He also addressed national political tensions.

“The great fact of America today is pervasive partisanship,” he said. “The point of America is not to always agree.… Be open to the very real possibility that you might be wrong from time to time. There’s no shame in this.”

This story was also covered by The Winston-Salem Chronicle, WXII, WFMY and Spectrum News Triad. WFMY interviewed graduate Dwayne Peterkin and his mother for a story that aired on Mother’s Day/Commencement weekend.

Benefits of beetroot juice

May 22, 2017   |  BYU Radio

“Unbeetable” is what Wake Forest physics professor Daniel Kim-Shapiro calls the beet juice drink he’s developed. Preliminary research shows it is not only tasty, but has particular health benefits for people over 55. Kim-Shapiro was interviewed for a segment on “Top of Mind with Julia Rose.”

The psychology of the to-do-list - why your brain loves ordered tasks

May 22, 2017   |  theguardian.com

A study by Wake Forest psychology professor E.J. Masicampo and Florida State University’s Roy F. Baumeister was referenced in this article on productivity. While tasks we haven’t done distract us, just making a plan to get them done can free us from this anxiety.

This story was also covered by Konbini.

History of independent special prosecutor

May 22, 2017   |  TIME.com

Time writer Lily Rothman wrote: With the news this week that former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been appointed to a special counsel position, to investigate whether there were any ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, I thought it was worth revisiting this article from a few months ago about the history of that independent prosecutorial position.

“A lot of people say that Watergate shows that the system works, and I would argue that that’s a plausible interpretation,” Wake Forest professor Katy Harriger, an expert in the subject, told me. “It’s not that the checks and balances keep things from happening, it’s that when they happen, are they investigated?”

Media Report for May 6-19, 2017

May 22, 2017   |  WFU News & Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for May 6-19, 2017 is now available online.

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