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Media Report for Aug. 19-25, 2017

August 28, 2017   |  WFU News & Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for Aug. 19-25, 2017 is now available online.

All too familiar bias

August 28, 2017   |  Inside Higher Ed

A leaked Google memo, described as an “anti-diversity screed,” reminds many women in STEM fields of the challenges that remain not just in industry, but in academe.

“There are definitely disciplines, industries and fields that still haven’t made the progress that is needed in regards to diversity, equity and inclusion. In that regard, I’m not surprised,” said Olga Pierrakos, chair of Wake Forest University’s new undergraduate engineering program, where three out of the four faculty members are women.

Pierrakos, previously a program director at the National Science Foundation, said she hopes that starting an engineering program with a fresh slate at Wake Forest will give her a chance to build an inclusive program.

“Knowing the engineering and higher ed landscape a little better, I would say there’s been effort and there’s been a chance to improve things in engineering education.

Fossil reveals what common ancestor of humans and apes looked like

August 28, 2017   |  Scientific American

The most complete extinct-ape skull ever found reveals what the last common ancestor of all living apes and humans might have looked like, according to a new study. The 13-million-year-old infant skull, which its discoverers nicknamed “Alesi,” was unearthed in Kenya in 2014.

“Alesi came from exactly the right time and place to show us what the ancestors of all the modern apes and humans might have looked like,” study co-author Ellen Miller, a primatologist and paleoanthropologist at Wake Forest University, said. “We never had information on that before — it was always a mystery.”

Their findings were published in the scientific journal, Nature, on Aug. 10.

See also: Popular ScienceThe Daily Mail and listen to an interview with Miller by WFDD’s Keri Brown.

Can your character peak?

August 28, 2017   |  Success Magazine

Many components of the human experience and physiology can be measured, revealing ideal “peaking” ages. Christian Miller, a professor of philosophy and the director of the Character Project at Wake Forest University, discusses the definition of character. “Virtues are acquired excellences,” Miller said. “We are not born with them, but it is possible to develop them slowly over time.”

Intern Series: The room where it happens

August 28, 2017   |  Whitehouse.gov

Emily Lair, a senior studying politics and international affairs at Wake Forest University, writes about her internship at the White House.

Media Report for Aug. 5-18, 2017

August 28, 2017   |  WFU News & Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for Aug. 5-18, 2017 is now available online.

Wake Forest freshmen get an 'irreverent' take on orientation

August 8, 2017   |  The Chronicle of Higher Education

Forestry 101, which was first published five years ago, includes all the necessary details and deadlines a new student should know. But it also makes a point to illustrate quirky details of the University’s history and traditions, like the toilet-paper tip “How to Toss Like a Boss” after a big athletic win. The publication is an unusual attempt at ditching the stuffy orientation brochures for something more whimsical.

Odyssey of Art

August 8, 2017   |  Winston-Salem Monthly

A once-in-a-lifetime trip for students brings a world-class collection of art to Wake Forest.
Wake Forest has given money to students every four years since 1963. The chosen undergrads purchase artwork on a trip to New York with their only instructions that the art represent the previous four years and that it fit in with the rest of the collection.

How a WWI-era law set the stage for the Trump-Russia controversy

August 8, 2017   |  The Washington Post

In an op-ed, Wake Forest history professor Benjamin Coates, discusses how a World War I-era law helped set the stage for the Russian controversy with Trump.

Top 25 Colleges in the South 2017

August 8, 2017   |  Forbes

Wake Forest University ranks at number 8 in this list of the top 25 colleges in the south.

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