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It’s not too late to get a virtual internship

May 27, 2020   |  The New York Times

“What we have been telling students is that this is not a time to be picky or overly choosy,” said Andy Chan, vice president, innovation and career development at Wake Forest. “This is a time to get experience.” He urges students to work closely with their colleges’ career centers to keep track of new postings, polish their resumes and practice virtual interviews. “We have a team of people who are contacting alumni, as well as searching the job boards and finding jobs that are hard for students to locate. Over these last few months we have found a thousand more jobs than a student could find on their own and are putting them in front of students.”

Small and midsize cities see protests against police brutality

June 2, 2020   |  The Wall Street Journal

“The nation has erupted,” said Kami Chavis, director of the criminal justice program at Wake Forest School of Law, who called the outcry more intense than past protests. “What feels different to me about this time is that there’s so much solidarity across communities.”

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