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Media report for Oct. 17 - Nov. 13, 2020

November 20, 2020   |  WFU News and Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for Oct. 17 – Nov. 13, 2020 is now available online.

Without more pandemic aid, renters struggle to keep up

October 19, 2020   |  Marketplace

Many renters will do anything to avoid the eviction system, Emily Benfer, a law professor at Wake Forest said, so the moment they receive a notice, they leave. “That’s what starts the crowded living environments,” she said. “That’s what starts the increased contact with others and that inability to social distance.” In the 17 cities tracked by the Eviction Lab, property owners have filed for more than 60,000 evictions during the pandemic. When the CDC moratorium expires at the end of December, Benfer said, “we can expect that evictions will increase to unseen heights.”

A time to heal, a time to build

October 21, 2020   |  Brookings Institution

“We have shared the hope that although differences on church-state matters will inevitably persist (our nation, after all, has been arguing about some of these questions since the beginning of the republic), those differences can be narrowed, principled compromises can be forged, and the work of lifting up the least among us can be carried out and celebrated across our lines of division,” said Melissa Rogers, Wake Forest School of Divinity professor.

Student leaders are expanding early voting on campuses nationwide

October 23, 2020   |  Forbes

“For the first time this election, a new One-Stop-Early Voting site was approved to serve students and our wider community,” said Wake Forest senior Izzy McMahon. “To encourage turnout, we are hosting a daily “March to the Polls,” where campus figureheads, organizations, and clubs walk students to the new polling site.”

Just how dishonest are most students

November 12, 2020   |  The New York Times

“Signing an honor code can, among other things, serve as a moral reminder….Honor codes won’t eliminate cheating. Deeply dishonest students will not be deterred. But fortunately, the research confirms what experience suggests: Most students are not deeply dishonest,” said Wake Forest professor of philosophy Christian Miller in an op-ed written for The New York Times.

Media report for Sept. 18 - Oct. 16, 2020

October 22, 2020   |  WFU News and Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for Sept. 18 – Oct. 16, 2020 is now available online.

We need to do more research on honesty

September 20, 2020   |  Scientific American

“From my perspective as a philosopher, honesty is stunningly neglected,” said Wake Forest philosophy professor Christian Miller, author of “The Character Gap: How Good Are We?” “Almost no work about honesty has been done in philosophy in the last 50 years. It’s been largely overlooked.” If we understand what motivates and fosters deception, however, we can better curb those things in ourselves.

Experts reveal why some people aren't taking COVID-19 seriously

September 28, 2020   |  Business Insider

Experts have said that while there are a number of reasons people haven’t taken the threat of COVID-19 seriously. “The fundamental problem is that the issue is politicized,” Adrian Bardon, a philosophy professor at Wake Forest. Bardon said that when a particular fact threatens one’s preexisting perception it could also prompt someone to reject empirical evidence or expert guidance.

During coronavirus, every day is take your daughter to work day

September 26, 2020   |  The Wall Street Journal

When Jaylynn Alexander was home from boarding school this spring, it was hard for her to ignore her dad’s dedication to his work as a recruiter and diversity consultant. “It made me feel empowered,” she said of their time together before she moved last month to begin college at Wake Forest. “If my dad can run a whole business just from sitting in his chair. I think I can do it, too.”

Wake Forest in the News (Oct. 2020 publication)

October 16, 2020   |  WFU News and Communications

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