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Shooting attacks renew debate over domestic terrorism in U.S.

August 6, 2019   |  Voice of America

Domestic terrorism “has become increasingly more of a threat with the resurgence of white supremacists groups, as well as some acts from left-wing extremists, though these account for much fewer incidents,” said Randall Rogan, a terrorism expert and professor of communications at Wake Forest. To tackle domestic terrorism more effectively, experts say the U.S. needs to expand on the work being done by law enforcement agencies to combat right-wing terrorism. There should be “increased cooperation and collaboration among all law enforcement and Department of Homeland Security and other agencies.”

Media report for June 16 - July 26, 2019

July 30, 2019   |  WFU News and Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for June 16-July 26, 2019 is now available online.

The subtle but important significance of today's Supreme Court decision on racial bias

June 21, 2019   |  Mother Jones

Wake Forest law professor Ronald Wright believes some elements of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a conviction of a black man due to prosecutorial misconduct are particularly noteworthy and may have ripple effects for other cases. “In the past, the Court has said, ‘Look, we’re not going to get into whether the reason makes any sense,” Wright said. “This time the Court said, ‘That’s pretty odd and far-fetched, and that’s another reason to think it might be a cover for race discrimination.”

Trump's order to slash number of science advisory boards blasted by critics as 'nonsensical'

June 15, 2019   |  NBC News

President Trump signed an executive order to cut the number of government advisory committees by a third across all federal agencies to ensure good stewardship of taxpayers’ money. Stan Meiburg, director of graduate programs in sustainability and former EPA deputy administrator said, “When you think of ways that money could be spent that works effectively for taxpayers, these committees carry small margins and produce tremendous returns.”

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