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What to do if you’re at risk of eviction now that the CARES Act moratorium has ended

July 31, 2020   |  CNBC

If you’re facing eviction during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re definitely not alone. Still, there might be rules in place to help keep you in your home. For example, many courts have moved to remote hearings during the public health crisis. But some courts require that both parties agree to a virtual hearing, and if they don’t, the case won’t be scheduled until the hearings move back to the courtroom, said Emily Benfer, an eviction expert and a visiting professor of law at Wake Forest.

When collegiate sports are sidelined, schools and local economies take a hit

August 4, 2020   |  Marketplace

Consistently competitive sports programs are vital to collegiate economics, said Todd McFall, sports economist and professor at Wake Forest. Every time Wake Forest makes it into the NCAA basketball tournament, it is a recruitment ad campaign for the school. “That doesn’t show up in the accounting budget. It shows up in the demand to go to the school. It shows up in terms of the size of the tuition that they’re able to charge. It shows up in all sorts of revenues that are not tied directly to the athletic program.”

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