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Media Report for Feb. 23 - March 1, 2019

March 5, 2019   |  WFU News & Communications

The Wake Forest News Media Report for Feb. 23 – March 1, 2019 is now available online.

US actor's allegedly fake assault could cause 'real harm'

February 23, 2019   |  Yahoo! News

American advocacy groups and police have a shared concern over the fallout from allegations that an openly gay black TV actor faked a hate-motivated assault: that future victims will face more skepticism even as hate crimes are on the rise. “If true, then this is a disgraceful exploitation of many past victims of real hate crimes, many of whom have endured heinous suffering,” said Kami Chavis, who is an expert on hate crimes laws and director of the Criminal Justice Program at Wake Forest University’s law school. But, she says hate crime victims have already faced big obstacles. “There is a long history of these victims not being believed.”

Scientists prove crowded hedge fund stocks are real and risky

February 26, 2019   |  Bloomberg News

New research published by Philip Howard, visiting instructor of finance at the Wake Forest University School of Business, and two professors from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Business, examines risks and benefits of investing in crowded stocks. “The crowdedness of an equity position is an important ingredient for characterizing risk,” Howard, Gregory Brown, and Christian Lundblad wrote in a study titled “Crowded Trades and Tail Risk.”

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