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News Center Media Report for Feb. 13-19

February 23, 2016   |  WFU News & Communications

The WFU News Center Media Report for Feb. 13-19 is now available online.

How new Ryan Reynolds’ film Deadpool continues the rise of the ‘heroic villain’

February 17, 2016   |  The Toronto Star

Conventional super heroes such as Superman, Batman and Captain America are being increasingly shoved aside by “heroic villains” like Deadpool and the Suicide Squad, who do good only if it fits their evil plans.The current trend started with the first Iron Man film in 2008, says communication teaching professor Stokes Piercy of Wake Forest. He teaches courses on film production and writing and critical studies, including one titled, “Superhero Cinema and American Mythology.”Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. as a billionaire weapon contractor turned accidental planet saver, was the first Marvel film since the global trauma of 9/11 “that got how to deal with post-9/11 angst right,” Piercy says. “It immediately resonated with the psychological climate of America. You had this really opulent, decadent playboy who gets everything he wants, laws don’t apply to him. He gets captured by some terrorists, and through his own wits and ingenuity, he escapes and comes back, and kicks the living s—t out of them. He kills them.”

Engaging in politics through social media

February 17, 2016   |  MSNBC

Wake the Vote students discuss their experience working on the Iowa campaign caucuses on professor Melissa Harris-Perry’s show and how young people are using social media to engage in the political process.

Big Data, Big News: WFU School of Business unveils game-changing M.S. in Business Analytics

February 17, 2016   |  Bloomberg Business

A new Wake Forest School of Business program, designed to educate professionals in the high-demand field of business analytics, has been approved by the University’s Board of Trustees. The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program will welcome its first class in July 2016.The 10-month Wake Forest MSBA program is designed with input from our corporate partners to ensure we are exceeding industry demands and delivering performance-ready professionals who are driven to achieve results with integrity. Our program has been developed with substantial input from leading organizations including ExxonMobil, Inmar, Oracle, Procter & Gamble, and WestRock. Executives from these companies and others will serve on the MSBA board of advisors to ensure our curriculum remains cutting-edge.We are distinctively positioned to leverage our deep industry partnerships and highly specialized Retail Learning Labs to launch this innovative program,” said Charles Iacovou, dean of the School of Business.

News Center Media Report for Feb. 6-12

February 17, 2016   |  WFU News & Communications

The WFU News Center Media Report for Feb. 6-12 is now available online.

MHP’s Wake the Vote comes to Iowa

February 8, 2016   |  MSNBC

From volunteering on the campaigns of presidential candidates to attending classes to planning community forums to organizing non-partisan voter registration efforts, 22 Wake Forest students will spend 2016 examining issues central to the presidential election.Ahead of the Iowa caucus senior Austin Cook and Daniela Feijoo discuss Wake the Vote and engaging with the democratic process on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show.Coverage of Wake the Vote was widespread and is expected to produce ongoing media coverage throughout the election cycle.

DeAngelo Williams and other NFL stars do their daughters' hair in charming Pantene ads

February 8, 2016   |  AdWeek

The campaign echoes Pantene’s past women-empowering efforts, with the theme “Strong is Beautiful.” In this case, kids are the focus because “We know strength and self-esteem start by building confidence in girls at a young age,” says P&G vice president of hair care and color Jodi Allen.”When we discovered research done by Dr. Linda Nielsen from Wake Forest University revealing that quality time spent with dads is key in raising daughters who are more self-confident, self-reliant and more successful in school and in their careers, we wanted to do something to encourage dads to do with their daughters,” Allen says.”We didn’t want to just say, ‘Spend time with your daughter.’ Pantene wanted to give them a tangible thing they could do: style their hair. We wanted to give them the tools to do it, with how-to’s and tips. So many empowerment campaigns just tell you to be empowered. Pantene wanted to show them.”Nielsen is a professor of educational and adolescent psychology who has researched and written several books on the father-daughter relationship.To watch the ads, click here.

Candidates launch final political ad drives in Iowa

February 8, 2016   |  The Wall Street Journal

On the eve of Monday’s Iowa caucuses, candidates are launching their final political ads for this phase of the 2016 presidential campaign.Cornfields, American flags, Bibles, Wall Street banks and talk-show hosts feature in commercials planned for television, along with ads targeted at Iowan digital users.The Republican candidates seem to be in a fight over who can appear the most conservative and most religious. Allan Louden, a political communications professor at Wake Forest University says it is more overt than usual. “They are wrapping themselves in the Bible,” Mr. Louden said.

News Center Media Report for Jan. 29 - Feb. 2

February 8, 2016   |  WFU News & Communications

The WFU News Center Media Report for Jan. 29 – Feb. 2 is now available online.

To achieve work-life balance at 30, start at 18

February 4, 2016   |  USA Today

Malika Roman Isler writes, “Whether you’re a second-semester senior or still years away from your first job after college, now is the time to focus on work-life balance.Consider a recent report that suggests today’s teens are spending nine hours a day using media. Imagine the difficulty tomorrow’s adults will have unplugging. More than half of working parents already report difficulty balancing their work and families? It’s worth considering how to manage increasingly blurred boundaries before you enter the workforce.In today’s working world, technology allows – and sometimes requires – us to work from anywhere. Despite the flexibility it offers, technology has made it incredibly difficult to balance work and life.

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