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‘This is perfect’: WFU launches engineering program enriched by liberal arts

August 18, 2017  |   Faculty, Student, Top Stories

Like any aspiring engineer, first-year student Meredith Vaughn gets excited about building something from the ground up, so Wake Forest University’s new undergraduate engineering program immediately appealed to her.


13-million-year old fossil skull sheds light on ape ancestry

August 9, 2017  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

Wake Forest University professor of anthropology Ellen Miller is working with an international team of researchers who discovered a 13-million-year-old fossil ape skull in Kenya that sheds light on ape ancestry.


WFU welcomes the Class of 2021

August 9, 2017  |   Admissions, Events, Faculty, Staff, Student, Top Stories

More than 1,350 first-year students will move into Wake Forest residence halls on Wednesday, Aug. 23. This class was admitted from an applicant pool of more than 13,000. Seventy-seven percent of the class of 2021 were in the top 10 percent of their high school classes.


Schooling Google? WFU among universities creating a culture to support women, minorities in STEM

August 8, 2017  |   Faculty, Mentoring, Research, Staff, Student, Top Stories, Valuing Diversity

Gender, racial, socioeconomic and other equity gaps in STEM-related careers are more than a “pipeline problem.” That being said, what are colleges and universities like Wake Forest doing to help close these gaps?


Want to win at sports? Take a cue from these mighty mice

July 20, 2017  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

As student athletes hit training fields this summer to gain the competitive edge, a new study shows how the experiences of a tiny mouse can put them on the path to winning. Scientists examined how surges of testosterone both before and after aggressive encounters led the male California mouse to win in future matches.

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