Wake Forest experts available for election comment

To arrange interviews with the Wake Forest faculty listed, please call the News Service at 336-758-5237.

Jack Fleer, professor of political science

Fleer can provide commentary on the state contests as well as the presidential election. Fleer is an expert on Southern politics (including N.C. politics) and can also comment on the influence of third parties.

Andrew Rich, assistant professor of political science

Rich can provide expert commentary on the electoral college and its impact on elections. He can also comment on voter behavior, the importance of efforts to mobilize undecided voters in key states and other voter issues.

Katy Harriger, associate professor of political science

Harriger can comment on the national election and the history of elections. She is also an expert on the Supreme Court and can discuss the importance of the court appointments likely to be made during the tenure of the next president.

Jac Heckelman, assistant professor of economics

Heckelman can comment on the connections between elections and the economy and has published papers concerning voter turnout and political business cycles. He can also provide historical election analysis.

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