Peace Corps to recognize Wake Forest’s commitment

Representatives from the Peace Corps will present Wake Forest University President Thomas K. Hearn Jr. with a citation on March 27 that recognizes members of the Wake Forest community—students, alumni, faculty and staff—who have been associated with the Peace Corps.

The ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. in the Main Lounge of Reynolda Hall.

Wake Forest ranks 9th among small colleges and universities in the number of alumni currently serving in the Peace Corps.

Wake Forest graduates currently serve in such places as Madagascar, Micronesia, Paraguay and Jordan. More than 100 Wake Forest graduates have served in the Peace Corps since it was founded in 1961.

Lynn Heichel Kneedler, manager of the Peace Corps recruiting office in Washington, D.C., will present remarks on “The Role of the Peace Corps through 40 years into the 21st Century.”

Seventeen new Wake Forest nominees, eight alumni and nine undergraduates, will begin serving in the Peace Corps this year. They will be recognized at the event.

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