Stories this week at Wake Forest University

‘NO-DIET DAY’ AN OPPORTUNITY FOR AWARENESS— International No-Diet Day on May 6 may bring attention to some of the health and diet issues instructor Sharon Woodard teaches every semester at Wake Forest. In her introductory health and exercise science classes, she says, most students think they know the basics about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But when she asks each of the nearly 1,000 freshmen she teaches each year to keep a diet diary, the results are often eye-opening. “At this age they tend to get much of their information about health from popular magazines,” says Woodard. “Those magazines often send mixed messages—there will be a story about how to tone your abs, then on the very next page a story about how to make a juicy chocolate cake.” The class also opens doors to health professions many students may not have considered. Forty students will graduate with a health and exercise science major May 20. To arrange an interview with Woodard, contact Sarah Mansell at or 336-758-5237.

MORE MOMS STAYING AT HOME? — This Mother’s Day, May 12, more moms may be celebrating at home. The U.S. Census Bureau issued a report showing that the percentage of working women with infants fell last year for the first time since the government began tracking the number nearly 30 years ago. Angela Hattery, associate professor of sociology, can comment on why more women may be choosing to stay at home. Hattery, author of the book, “Women, Work and Family: Balancing and Weaving,” can also discuss working mothers and the challenges they face. To arrange an interview, contact Cheryl Walker at or 336-758-5237.

SERVICE A POPULAR CHOICE AMONG GRADS— Many will head to accounting firms, others to graduate school, but for a growing number of Wake Forest graduates, their post-graduation plans call for service work all around the world. Doug Pulse, a Spanish major from Rockville, Md., and Lisa Miller, an accounting major from Gainesville, Fla., will be business advisors with the Peace Corps in Central and South America. Jami Johnson, a biology major from Southbury, Conn., will be a health educator with the Peace Corps in Africa. “It’s an opportunity to do something that I would probably not have the chance to do in the future,” says Johnson. Other students are serving with various volunteer corps across the United States. To arrange an interview with these students or for more information on graduates going into volunteer work, contact the News Service.

STUDENTS TAKING EXAMS— Classes ended for the spring semester May 1. Undergraduate students will be taking exams May 4 – May 11.

MEDIA CREDENTIALS FOR COMMENCEMENT— U.S. Senator John McCain will deliver the commencement address at Wake Forest’s 160th commencement ceremony on May 20. To request media and parking passes for commencement, contact Sarah Mansell at or 336-758-5237.

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