Student Life Committee votes to allow Kappa Alpha to colonize

The Student Life Committee at Wake Forest University voted Oct. 9 to allow Kappa Alpha to colonize at the university according to a plan and schedule submitted to the committee by Kappa Alpha national representatives.

The committee’s resolution stipulates that Kappa Alpha will not be chartered on campus until August 2004, at the earliest. The vote followed a Sept. 25 Student Life Committee meeting attended by Kappa Alpha national representatives.

The Tau Chapter of Kappa Alpha lost its charter at Wake Forest in 2001 after an investigation by Wake Forest and national Kappa Alpha officials determined that numerous university and national fraternity standards had been violated.

As part of its vote, the Student Life Committee also stipulated a number of conditions as part of Kappa Alpha’s colonization at Wake Forest. They include, in brief, the following:

  • All undergraduates who were recruits at the time of the original infractions and sanctions must be interviewed by Kappa Alpha national representatives and Harold Holmes, associate vice president and dean of student services. Both must assent to the students’ acceptance as members of Kappa Alpha, based upon the requirements for review for membership presented by the national fraternity’s executive director to the Student Life Committee Sept. 25.
  • Representatives of the national fraternity must schedule at least two visits per semester during the colonization period and that specific times and dates of the visits be forwarded to Tricia Richerson, assistant director of Greek Affairs at Wake Forest.
  • An alumni board, comprised of six local alumni approved by Wake Forest, must be established, and that board must meet twice monthly during the academic year. Furthermore, the Student Life Committee stipulates that a meeting be scheduled once every semester between the alumni board and Student Life officials.

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