In the News: Wake Forest and the SAT

Numerous newspapers and magazines around the country have reported on Wake Forest’s decision to no longer require the SAT or ACT for undergraduate admission since the new policy was announced in May.

The New York Times: “College Panel Calls for Less Focus on SATs” / Sept. 21

Wake Forest Magazine: “A Test of Convention” / September 2008

Scripps News: “SATs can’t test for mental toughness” / July 24

The New York Times: “The Growing Backlash Against the SAT” / July 8

The Washington Post: “A Better Measure than the SAT” / June 29
Column by President Nathan O. Hatch

Inside Higher Education: “The Evolving SAT Debates” / June 23

The Boston Globe: “New, old SATs alike in predicting grades” / June 18

Chronicle of Higher Education: “New SAT is about the same as the old one” / June 18

Insider Higher Education: “The new SAT, longer but no better?” / June 18

The Washington Post: “Study: The new SAT is not much better” / June 17

San Antonio Express News: “SAT study praises its writing exam” / June 17

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education: “Big News! Wake Forest drops the SAT” / June 12

Atlanta Journal and Constitution: “Wake Forest runs risk with no-SAT option” / June 4

The Huffington Post: “Wake Forest makes the SAT optional: Good move, Wake“/ June 2

The New York Times: “2 colleges end entrance exam requirement” / May 27

U.S News and World Report: “Wake Forest makes test scores optional for applicants” / May 27

TIME magazine: “Wake Forest drops SAT requirement” / May 27

The Boston Globe: “Wake Forest, Smith drop SAT condition” / May 27

The (Raleigh) News and Observer: “Wake Forest to drop SAT” / May 27, 2008

Inside Higher Education: “Another first for SAT-optional movement” / May 27

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “The anti-SAT argument reaches Wake Forest University” / May 27

Winston-Salem Journal: “WFU to make scores optional” / May 27

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