Ambassadors to the world

Twelve Wake Forest students have been awarded Fulbright scholarships — the most prestigious international exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government — to teach English or conduct research abroad during the next year.

The students, all of whom graduated in May, were awarded scholarships through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Wake Forest has had 60 Fulbright scholars since 1992, including the 12 this year and 12 in 2008.

Most of the students received English Teaching Assistantships to teach English at high schools abroad:

  • Alexandra G. Calistri, an English major from New Fairfield, Conn., will teach in Italy.
  • Morgan E. Clark, a German major from Seattle, Wash., will teach in Germany.
  • Katherine P. Dydak, a political science major from Quinton, Va., will teach in Russia.
  • Monica R. Giannone, a political science major from Madison, N.J.: will teach in Morocco.
  • Andrew R. Haverly, an elementary education major from Southington, Conn., will teach in Panama.
  • Mark T. Hoover, a political science and French major from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, will teach in Andorra.
  • Megan E. Huber, a political science major from Rockville, Md., will teach in Malaysia.
  • Matthew T. Liberti, an English major from Overland Park, Kan., will teach in Turkey.
  • Caroline B. Mercer, a Russian major from Sanford, N.C., will teach in Georgia.
  • Matthew H. Secrest, a chemistry major from Englewood, Co., will teach in France.

Two students received Fulbright scholarships to conduct research abroad:

  • Emily A. Mihalik, a studio art major from Alexandria, Va., will conduct research in Kazakhstan.
  • Zahir R. Rahman, a political science major from Baltimore, Md., will conduct research in Morocco.

Two other students who graduated in May were selected as alternates:

  • Samantha C. Glazer, a political science major from Norwalk, Conn., is an alternate to teach in Vietnam.
  • Monica Petrescu, an economics major from Vernon Hills, Ill., is an alternate to teach in Germany.

Students applying for a Fulbright scholarship must apply for either an English Teaching Assistantship or a research scholarship in a particular country. Those applying for a research scholarship must present a specific proposal and have a mentor in their country of interest.

More than 8,500 students from across the country applied for a Fulbright scholarship this year, and about 1,500 grants were awarded, spread across 54 countries. The number of scholarships awarded to each country varies depending on the host country.

This year’s Wake Forest recipients received scholarships to teach in some of the countries that are among the most competitive for the scholarship. Mercer was one of only two students in the country to receive a teaching assistantship to Georgia; Calistri was one of only three students to receive a teaching assistantship to Italy.

The Fulbright scholarships are funded by the U.S. Department of State. In addition to the Fulbright scholarship, a number of other Wake Forest students received awards for English teaching positions that are selected and funded through other countries’ governments.

Two students who graduated in May received English Teaching Assistantship positions from the Austrian Fulbright Commission:

  • Sarah A. Clark, a German major from Signal Mountain, Tenn., will teach in Austria.
  • Erin M. Merritt, a German major from Chapel Hill, N.C., will teach in Austria.

Six students who graduated in May and one who graduated in 2009 received English Teaching Assistantship positions from the French Foreign Ministry:

  • Susannah L. Blood, a French major from Shaker Heights, Ohio, will teach in France.
  • Kelley W. Collier, an anthropology major from Hershey, Pa., will teach in France.
  • Caroline E. Crosland, an economics and French major from Montclair, N.J., will teach in Ile de la Réunion.
  • Julia H. Davis, a French major from Raleigh, N.C., will teach in France.
  • Ben Gladding (’09), Winston-Salem, will teach in France.
  • Courtney M. Vris, a French major from Wilton, Conn., will teach in France.
  • Virginia H. Browne, a French major from Winston-Salem, also received an English Teaching Assistantship, but she will attend graduate school instead.

In addition, two students who will graduate from the Master Teacher Fellows program in August also received English Teaching Assistantship positions from the French Foreign Ministry:

  • Jordan A. Lucas, Wilmington, N.C., will teach in France.
  • Lucy T. Shepley (‘09), St. Louis, Mo., will teach in France.

Fulbright Scholarship Previous Recipients

(Date following recipient’s name is graduation year; second year, if any, is year scholarship was received if that year was different from graduation year. Students received English Teaching Assistantships, unless noted otherwise.)

  • Allison Tyler Humphreys (’09), Indonesia
  • Grace Johnson (’09), Taiwan
  • Michael Lewis (’09), Germany
  • David Wescott (’09), Korea
  • Cameron Frothingham (’08, 2009), Mexico
  • Jennifer Lynne Wilson (’08, 2009), Germany
  • Natalie Bonomo (’05, 2008), research in Jordan
  • Valerie Brender (’06, 2008), Spain
  • Erica Demarest (’08), Germany
  • Parissa Jahromi (MA ’08), research in The Netherlands
  • Francis Jones (’08), South Korea
  • Joseph Mauro (’08), Hong Kong
  • Rachael Mongold (’08), South Korea
  • David Nix (’08), research in Japan
  • Caitlin Patrick (’08), Indonesia
  • William Rothwell (’08), research in Australia
  • David Schoen (’08), Germany
  • Kristen Shepherd (’08), Spain
  • Audrey Calkins (‘07), Spain
  • Patricia Crawley (’07), research in Germany
  • Sebastian Ehreiser (’07), Germany
  • Sarah Maveety (’07), research in Peru
  • Martina Muller (MA ’07), research in The Netherlands
  • Jennifer Nguyen (’07), South Korea
  • Brooks Sterritt (’07), Germany
  • L. David Willis (’07), Argentina
  • Abhay Aneja (’06), research in Argentina
  • Lena Benson (’06), Germany
  • Anne Bersagel (’06), research in Norway
  • Suchi Joshi (MA ’06), research in The Netherlands
  • Kelly Merrifield (’06), Germany
  • Manisha Patel (’06), research in Germany
  • Kevin Jones (’05), research in Egypt
  • Olutoyin “Toyin” Okanlawon (’05), research in Australia
  • Heather Renwick (’05), research in Bulgaria
  • Elisabeth Sheridan (’05), research in Finland
  • Catherine Gibson (’04), research in Germany
  • Kyle Cutts (’02), Germany
  • Faith Glavey (’02), Germany
  • Sarah Rackley (’01), research in El Salvador
  • E. Chase Coale (’98), research in Germany
  • Joanna Carraway (’96), research in Hungary
  • Megan Reif (’96), research in Pakistan
  • Kevin Muse (’95), research in Germany
  • Brenda K. Blackburn (MA ’95), research in Israel
  • Van C. Vahle (’93), research in Germany
  • Betsy Roach (’92), research in Colombia
  • Betty Tribble Barnett (’55), France

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