Design innovation on display

Students examine projects

A new semester brings new opportunities and a chance to reflect on new ways of thinking, like the kind inspired by Wake Forest’s Program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Here are a few photos from a special exhibit by entrepreneurship students who were asked to re-imagine everyday objects:

Student examine projects

Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise minors were challenged to redesign something in their daily life to improve, elaborate or somehow heighten the human experience. Their idea books and prototypes were part of a display in the Scales Fine Arts Center Lobby.

Students examine projects

Students examine prototypes and work-in-progress showings from students in the Creativity and Innovation Foundations course taught by Lynn Book, Associate Director, Creativity Program of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. The exhibit was part of Global Entrepreneurship Week activities towards the end of the semester.

The 50 Chairs exhibit

'50 Chairs' -- This design assignment and interactive installation asked students in the Creativity and Innovation Foundations course to investigate the relationship between their bodies and the chairs they were sitting in. They were challenged to design 50 chairs in five days. Many of these design sketches are posted here and visitors to the exhibition were invited to design their own chair and post it alongside the others.

The Extremity project

'Extremity' -- Jonathan Williams presented an ergonomic crutch design based on the actual experience of negotiating crutches after an ankle injury earlier in the semester.

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