Faculty House Calls

On August 30, more than 40 Wake Forest faculty members representing 13 academic disciplines enjoyed pizza together. Afterward, they paired off to visit approximately 1,200 first-year students in six residence halls.

Each faculty pair, along with a residence life and housing staffer, welcomed an average of 60 Wake Forest students in the Class of 2016. The visits were organized through a residence life and housing sponsored program called Faculty House Calls.

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Faculty from the following academic areas made calls:

  • art, biology, business, communication, education, English, library, mathematics, politics and international affairs, psychology, religion, Romance languages, theatre

The program, now in its second year, is Wake Forest’s answer to a trend among colleges and universities to create more faculty-student engagement outside of the classroom, said Gregory Moreau, assistant director of residence life and housing. “Through the Faculty House Calls program, we have found a unique way to connect faculty and students.”

“Faculty House Calls continues the momentum of new student orientation,” said religion professor Lynn Neal, who participated last year and helped plan the event this year. “Before last year, I had never seen the inside a residence hall at Wake Forest. Visiting students where they live helps breaks down the perceived boundaries between students’ social and the academic lives and reinforces the message that professors are present outside of the classroom.”

Faculty House Calls: Comments from the Class of 2016

  • “The Faculty House Calls program is one of many ways that we were welcomed to Wake Forest. The time the faculty give each year to greet new students shows their commitment to each student. It’s a great representation of our close-knit community.” — Matt Chafin
  • “As a first-year student, Faculty House Calls showed me that Wake Forest really wants students to excel in all areas of life and that there are helpful, friendly people in the community that are there to support us.” — Maggie Perez Vicente


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