Media Advisory: Wake Forest University experts available: Countdown to the election

Wake Forest University faculty experts are available to comment in the final days leading up to Election Day and can provide Election Night and next-day analysis regarding the presidential race and down-ballot races.

David Coates: Although the recent storm may affect voter turnout, the biggest issue for those who do vote is still the economy, says David Coates, Worrell Professor of Anglo-American Studies at Wake Forest University. He can comment on the election, the economy, and key policy issues.  Coates is a regular Huffington Post contributor and the author of several books, including Making the Progressive Case: Towards a Stronger U.S. Economy. Coates is available Nov. 6 (after noon) for Election Day and Election Night coverage and post-election analysis on Nov. 7.  Contact:  336-407-6524 or

Allan Louden: An expert on political campaigns and advertising, professor and chair of communication Allan Louden can talk about the impact of the presidential debates and advertising on this year’s elections. This week, he says much of the political advertising is shifting to “get out the vote” messaging.  He has provided expert commentary and analysis for USA TodayThe Los Angeles Times, MSNBCNewsweek and a wide range of other media outlets.  Louden is available for Election Day and Election Night coverage and post-election analysis.  Contact:  336-758-5408 or

Michael Pisapia: Will women turn out to vote?  Will young voters make a difference?  Will the Hispanic vote be a factor?  Michael Pisapia, assistant professor of politics and international affairs, can address voter turnout and other election-related issues.  He teaches “American Government and Politics” and “Political Participation”.  He and his classes have been involved in the “Wake the Vote” initiative to promote public engagement.  He is available for Election Day coverage and post-election analysis.  His class will discuss the election on Thursday, Nov. 8 at 12:30 p.m.  Contact:  336-758-3380 or

John Dinan: What else is on the N.C. ballot beside the presidential contest?  Dinan, professor of politics and international affairs, is following the presidential race, but is especially paying attention to a number of other key political races in North Carolina, including congressional, state legislature, and judicial races. He studies state politics and frequently provides analysis for news outlets across the country. He is the author of “The American State Constitutional Tradition.”  He is available for Election Day coverage and post-election analysis.  Contact:


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