Media Advisory: WFU expert: ‘David Bowie was a lifeline’ for LGBTQ community

Wake Forest University LGBTQ Center Director Angela Mazaris is available to talk about David Bowie’s powerful impact on a generation of LGBTQ identified people.

She said: “For a generation of queer and genderqueer youth, and really, for kids everywhere who were just ‘different,’ David Bowie was a lifeline. He gave us the tools to reimagine ourselves as fabulous rather than freakish. His Ziggy Stardust alter ego gave us an aesthetic vision of gender bending glamour, and so many of his songs spoke to the experience of being ‘other,’ and told us, through their empathy, that we weren’t alone.”

Angela Mazaris is the founding director of the LGBTQ Center at Wake Forest University, where she also teaches in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program. As LGBTQ Center Director, she provides education, advocacy, and support to the campus community around issues of gender identity and sexual orientation.

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